What happened in the meantime. Saab engines - Saab Parts AB and more ...

The short pause on the blog met with a time poor in news. It's quiet, very quiet around Trollhättan. The calm before the storm? We will see ... Something happened on the periphery of the Saab world and a Swedish State Secretary made a remarkable remark in Trollhättan. But first, on the subject of engines. In Trollhättan, the persistent rumor of the comeback of the old Saab engines has been going on since the beginning of the year.

BAIC-Saab engine, here the 2.3 T
BAIC-Saab engine, here the 2.3 T

Are the old Saab engines coming back?

Until the old Saab 9-5 series was discontinued, classic Saab engines were used in sedans and wagons, including Saab's own gearbox. Engines with a certain charm, hearty and powerful, and equipped with the Saab Trionic. The rights were sold to China and are now serving in the BAIC-Saab derivatives.

BAIC C60 with interior in a new design. Nothing reminiscent of the Saab 9-3.
BAIC C60 with interior in a new design. (Almost) nothing reminds of the Saab 9-3.

Informed circles in Trollhättan speculate about a comeback of the 2.0 and 2.3 liter engines in the NEVS-Saab 9-3. The continued silence of the new owners on this subject provides plenty of space for this and challenges these ideas. It was not only I who previously thought the chances of this were excluded. People who know more about cars than the blogger think installation in the 9-3 is simply impossible. "That does not fit”I've been hearing for months.

5 gearbox in the pre-series C60
5 gearbox in the pre-series C60

Apparently it fits. The Chinese Blog “auto.sohu.com”Reported last week about the Saab 60-9 derivative called the C3, which is to come onto the market with the old Saab B205 engine, and shows a photo of the interior of a pre-series vehicle with 5-speed manual transmission. Old gear and old engine seem to fit in the 9-3. A logical step for BAIC, since the rights for the engines and transmissions used in the Saab 9-3 II do not lie with the Chinese.

So a comeback? Interestingly, the 1.8 T announced as BAIC's own development seems nothing more than a modified Saab B205 engine. The Chinese design their own engine family on a Saab basis, and at first glance, it could make sense for NEVS to use BAIC-Saab engines.

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A closer look relativizes this option. Apart from the issue of emissions, Euro 5 or 6 is not to be created with these engines, which are not direct injection, there will probably be no rebirth for us. So my opinion. The use of the old transmission speaks against it. Who will accept a vehicle with an 5-manual or automatic transmission in Europe as a not very cheap new car? Hardly anyone.

Shenbao (Saab) in China Part 1

Let's stay in China. With Shenbao, the old Saab brand name, BAIC has introduced something like a new brand in China. The label has been on the market for 4 months and sales have now reached more than 1.000 units per month. By the end of the year, there are plans to generate 2.000 vehicles a month, and in 2014 there should already be an incredible 150.000 models sold. Two things are interesting. 70% of buyers are said to be private customers, which is a high proportion of prestige sedans. And 80% of the components come from former Saab suppliers and have not been replaced by “Made in China”.

The Shenbao has become a very European Chinese. That should remain so, and Shenbao plans in the next few years more models on Saab basis.

Saab Performance Drive lettering on Saab jacket
Saab Performance Drive lettering on Saab jacket

Shenbao (Saab) in China Part 2

The Saab Performance Team, which lives on under the name Dynatech, is now a legend. Saab even had jackets with the Performance lettering for the fans, and we found a few copies that are on the way from Sweden to Germany. More on that later. The Swedes were on the road in China for the Shenbao market launch, and they will probably be seen there more often. Because Dynatech and BAIC have now signed a contract for the next 3 years. So back to Trollhättan.

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Political visit to Trollhättan

State Secretary Håkan Ekengren was - again - on a visit to Trollhättan. The last time he was at NEVS was a few weeks ago when the first Saab rolled off the production line there under new ownership. Now he visited GKN Driveline, the Innovatum and - of course - NEVS. What was interesting was what he announced to the local newspaper afterwards. It is exciting, says Håkan Ekengren, that series production will start soon. In addition, NEVS works with (other companies in Trollhattan) on a new research car.

Good numbers of Saab Parts AB

Good news comes from Nyköping. Saab Parts AB increased sales from 257 million Swedish kroner to 271 million (30,8 million €) in the last quarter. Earnings increased from 51 million to 82 million Swedish Krona (9.3 million) due to one-time special effects. The number of authorized partners in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the US selling original Saab parts has continued to grow, according to Lennart Stahl, CEO of Saab Automobile Parts AB.

The increase in sales is mainly attributable to the positive development in the USA, Germany and Spain.

Nice, the numbers are correct, and with it our basis for the supply of spare parts. But what does NEVS do and what does the missing sales and after-sales network do in Europe? Several sources report, independently of one another, that Trollhättan deals intensively with the Swedish dealer network. Whatever that means ...

Text: tom@saabblog.net

Images: saabblog.net, auto.sohu.com (2)

8 thoughts on "What happened in the meantime. Saab engines - Saab Parts AB and more ..."

  • blank

    I do not see why NEVS should install the 2.3l engine in the new 9-3. Whether he fits is an open question. But it is neither economical nor motor optimal to use the engine. In times when an 2.0l engine can take up to 360ps, there is simply no need for a more powerful engine. Even a surefire variant should be possible with the 2.0t. Audi also offered the 1.8tsi with 120ps.
    In addition, to my knowledge, 500ccm are the optimal cylinder size for best performance in terms of fuel economy and performance. Only with 330ccm one gets probably an even better combustion. But I'm the metrology engineer, my colleagues know that better.
    Economically speaking, however, it makes sense to use only one basic engine in different stages of development.
    Nevertheless, NEVSmal should take the finger out of hand and present new information and images to both the press and customers.

  • blank

    As far as the spare parts supply is concerned, I can not complain. So far I have gotten everything you want within a few days. You can not expect 24 hours of service, as you would expect from other brands. As far as NEVS is concerned, I agree with my pre-commentators, which certainly is not expected to be much. Apparently, this first car from 18.September was also built at this time only because it was contractually required to prove that NEVS is capable of building cars, so it does not matter what kind of technology is used and whether this vehicle is competitive. I've said it here a few times, and whenever I write something like that, I hope I'm wrong, but if not really soon the big bang comes from Sweden, I'm afraid Saab is just another name Something patched up in China. For us in Europe, our ancestors stay as long as they walk and sometime with sadness a different brand.

  • blank

    My personal experience with SAAB PARTS AB:
    A terrible Klüngelladen!
    E-mails of SAAB Werksatt will be answered after days.
    The TTiD convertible of my girlfriend is after a caused by a defective EGR valve engine-total damage since 6 weeks on the lift.
    Cylinder head and intake manifold: 4 weeks delivery time
    In addition the strange behavior of the German SAAB offshoot.
    I called there months ago and asked politely whether they would be able to create a nationwide directory of the service partners still in existence for frequent professional drivers -
    or even better for the Western European area.
    Finally you want to be able to visit the nearest workshop in case of breakdown.
    Answer: Oh, that does so much work!
    That will take some time.
    I beg your pardon ???
    All you have to do is list your SAAB workshop spare parts customers and the story is done.
    With me drive altogether 3 SAAB (900 / II + 2 x TTiD as a sedan and convertible).
    We love these cars a lot, but I feel like the last dork so slowly.
    Thank God, the good workshop work in Bremen, Osnabrück and Paderborn still consoles me.
    But how long ?
    Best regards.
    Peter Witzel.

  • blank

    Yes, all the stories are getting tired. Who else do you want to lure behind the stove? I think that even the Chinese are on another trip ... Are there any new photos through the garden fence in Trollhättan? Isn't there a NEVS car driving on a test track through Scandinavia somewhere? What do insiders say who are employed at the plant, is there a muzzle? Strange, like so many things from Sweden ...

  • blank

    The speculations are slowly tiring. The former SAAB customer or dealer is apparently not in sight here.
    For months is only possible and but on the agenda at NEVS.
    If nothing new is achieved after the revival, which has not yet been completed, the SAAB brand has broken up. Unfortunately ! Daydreams were yesterday! As long as my 2 SAAB drive ok, then there are other nice cars as well. I'm glad for a surprise.

  • blank

    Sticking point to this idea would probably be really the 5 gear transmission. A real step backwards from the current model. This may work for China, but not for the rest of the world. An 6 gearbox but should be easier to get at the usual suppliers as an engine? Maybe there is also a BAIC Europe version with SAAB engine and 6 gearbox?

  • blank

    As long as the mechanical core components (crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder, valve control and valve drive, vibration compensation, bearings) are designed in a balanced way and are durable and resilient, you can build pretty much anything from an “old” engine.

    Today, 90% of the engines and engine characteristics are determined by everything around them and many of the core components (such as running surfaces or pistons) can easily be adapted to higher requirements ...

    Modified Saab engines wouldn't scare me. An old Saab 5-speed gearbox is more likely. They weren't that great. I would also like to have one more course.

    • blank

      From 160 -180 kmh I am looking for synonymous with the 6. Gang, so far unsuccessful

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