Personnel. Jonas Hernqvist Sales & Marketing Director.

Jonas Hernqvist - Marketing & Sales Director at NEVS
Jonas Hernqvist - Marketing & Sales Director at NEVS

Unnoticed by the public, NEVS has taken another key position. With Jonas Hernqvist, a former Saab manager moves into the stablebacka. Hernqvist most recently served as Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa at Saab Automobile AB.

Before that, he was responsible for Customer Experience Management & Retail Network Development at Saab for more than 6 years.

His professional career began in Xnumx near Saab and led back to Västra Götland, with stints at General Motors and Opel. Thus, NEVS has occupied this important position with a car and especially with a Saab man. The decision promises a certain continuity, because Jonas Hernqvist has known the brand for over 1990 years. A very positive signal!

At the same time, the appointment of an Asia specialist also shows us where the future journey will take us. The focus is on China, which NEVS has always communicated openly.

We wish Jonas Hernqvist every success in his exciting challenge!


Image: National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB

9 thoughts on "Personnel. Jonas Hernqvist Sales & Marketing Director."

  • After all, an ex-SAAB (Automobile) man. I think it's very good if there were even more positive signals now, that would be something ...

  • Of course this is very good news, but dare to return
    hired ex saab management staff at NEVS. But unfortunately no signal that you also want to be present in Europe, but only in Asia or China.

  • Moin moin, Steve,
    I would then take 9-3 without a griffin! But only with SAAB engine genes! Economical, powerful, and still high environmental standard! Should be done, because if China wants to drive SAAB and other providers, then in the long term it is only GREEN! Otherwise there is “no more fun” on this planet!

  • No he does not.
    The symbol of the brand Scania, and also coats of arms of the same name Scandinavian region, remains for the truck brand. Bad tongues say that this has something to do with the fact that Scania belongs to Volkswagen.

  • Hopefully he'll manage to find a griffin on my new SAAB 2015 III in 9.3 ...

  • Hey Jonas! From now on, roll up your sleeves, and off you go!
    I wish Jonas Hernqvist a good start in his new working life at NEVS / SAAB! His experience for the “old” brand and his positive appearance raise hopes for a successful comeback! I'm still looking forward to positive news (and soon SAAB's!)!

  • The job advertisements on SaabCars now apparently also contain the first “Bilbyggare” for assembly ... of course, only to “prepare” for production 😉

  • In any case a sympathetic decision! I think it is important for the brand that not only unknown people occupy important positions! It is the right signal that former SAAB employees are also on board again and also occupy important positions!

    Keep it up NEVS - we keep our fingers crossed!

  • Yes - then fresh to work! Hope he has something to sell. After all, someone who is SAAB-minded.

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