Saab 9-3 conversion to Griffin Aero Level.

With a few small, careful changes in the right place, you can bring a design that is no longer very fresh to a new bloom. Under two conditions: if the basis is right, which is the case with the Saab 9-3, and if you proceed with feeling. What Saab did with the 9-3 Griffin. The result is considered successful and is so good that NEVS will be based on the Griffin with its new model.

Saab 9-3 Griffin Aero conversion
Saab 9-3 Griffin Aero conversion

Unfortunately, there were far too few Griffins on our roads, but remedy promises Saab Service Lafrentz in Kiel. The North Germans not only have a big Saab heart, they also have good connections to Sweden, so nothing stands in the way of the conversion of the Saab 9-3 Vector to a Griffin Aero level.

The base product already has the grill and the aluminum 88 rims of the Griffin series. The front has now been changed with the bumper, the headlights in “ice blue” and the fog lights in the aero design. At the rear, the double-flow exhaust system in the Aero Trim with apron, and the griffin was replaced in favor of the rear panel with Saab lettering. On the bezel, however, the spirits could differ. The lettering looks very matter-of-fact, sober, the rear is “cleared”. But somehow some viewers lack the griffin, which is now history.

With great attention to detail, the Griffin lettering came on the fenders, making the exterior design 100% Griffin. The operation is convincing, the Saab stands fresher on the farm than the original product without devaluing it. Because even the “normal” 9-3 has a timelessly good design.

Further in the interior, the Vector seats are exchanged for Griffin seats in a partial leather design. Saab showed taste and attention to detail. The Griffin seats - and only they - have a small label with lettering. A small bow to the Saab tradition, when the leather seats in the Saab 900 and 9000 still had the small tags on the headrests. What would now be missing to make the look a 100% Griffin is the dashboard. At Lafrentz, you are spoiled for choice - a luxury problem, if you will. Because several designs are available selection, a decision has not been made yet.

As I said, NEVS will be based on the Griffin, which is a good basis for a new product. The former Vector is fresher and more valuable after the upgrade to the Griffin Aero level, than some cars from other manufacturers at the premiere. Saab Service Kiel can fulfill the fans almost all conversion needs and can get through good connections to Trollhättan parts that are not available through the official channels. Incidentally, the converted Griffin is not for sale, requests are pointless. He has a permanent place in the fleet of the Lafrentz family. Understandable!


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  • I would be particularly interested in the price of the seats. I have the beige fabric seats inside in my 2009 and they just get stained no matter how much you pay attention ...

  • I was in London at Kings Cross station the other day (9 3 / 4). If already colored then the lettering would have to be executed in red / yellow. Because those are the colors of Griffin-Door.

  • Too bad that the Griffin series was so drastically limited in circulation. The new rear bar could you possibly freshen up something by making the SAAB lettering in a bold red or blue?

  • Looks great, but you should not think about the cost.

  • Very nice conversion that arouses desires

    And I have to agree with Tom that the design of the 9-3 is still not too old ...

    Greetings Cetak

  • Top! A current AERO Griffin sports suit! (even without a griffin ...)! Have fun and accident-free journey to the owners!

  • I think it is absolutely successful!

  • Well, there is always a problem with the white balance in modern cameras. Still, it had to be Artic White and not the old Polar white.

  • Great car! On without the griffin an absolute eye-catcher

  • Only the white is too “yellow” for a real Griffin 🙂

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