Saab meeting in the Bavarian Forest - 10. to 13. October 2013

After the great success of the Saab meeting in the Bavarian Forest in October 2012 also held a meeting in the Schnitzmühle in the vicinity of Viechtach in the Bavarian Forest. Altogether were at the 2. October weekend over 85 Saabs with approx. 150 participants and day visitors on site. So it came unplanned to the probably biggest Saab meeting in the German-speaking area in the year 2013.

Saab Zone ...
Saab Zone ...

Among others, these vehicles were seen in the Bavarian Forest: Saab 93, Saab 96 two-stroke, Saab Sonnet II V4, Saab Sonnet III, Saab 95 V4, Saab 96 V4, Saab Sonnet III convertible, Saab 9000 tow, Saab 9-3 Viggen, Saab 9-3 TurboX, Saab 9-4x, Saab 9-5 II SportCombi and many other Saabmodelle of all years of construction.

The guest of honor was former Finnish rally driver Simo Lampinen, a longtime member of the Saabwerk team and today a truly impressive brand ambassador. After numerous national and international victories on Saab in the 60 and 70 years, Simo Lampinen also made the racetracks around the globe unsafe with other brands. After his active career as a driver followed by other successful years as a course director and coordinator of races of the Rally World Cup. Even today, he is found annually at events worldwide. On site, Simo Lampinen was always surrounded by fans and sought-after and informative conversation partner. On Saturday evening he gave a lecture about his eventful rally times and subsequently gave numerous autographs.

After some participants had already arrived on Thursday, the official program began on Friday afternoon. From the Schnitzmühle, the vehicle train went via Bad Kötzting to Furth in the woods. Here was the Further Dragon was visited and could be admired afterwards in a moving leadership. The Further Dragon is the largest four-legged walking robot in the world, it is in the Guinness Book of Records. Of the Further dragon engraving, in which the dragon "plays along", is the oldest popular spectacle in Germany.

After the tour the participants drove back to the woodcarving mill. After dinner, films from the brand's glorious rally past were shown in the meeting room. Who did not want to go to bed, went to the "Bongo Beach Bar".

Saturday morning began after breakfast with preparations for the Bayerwald Tour. Shortly after the 10 watch, the cars, which were subdivided into 5 groups according to their construction years, set off to take scenic stretches of the Bavarian Forest under the wheels. After a short parking stop at the valley station "Geisskopf" we continued to the mountain inn Buchet, where a longer lunch break was required. Here already the first day visitors waited for the considerable number of Saabmodellen. A delight for every fan of the brand were the hardly countable models in front of the magnificent backdrop of the Berghof.
After the subsequent return to the Schnitzmühle, a parts market and petrol talks were on the program in the afternoon, and in the evening Simo Lampinen fascinated the fans with his aforementioned talk. In advance, an auction of Saabraritäten (books, models, etc.) took place.

On Sunday, the Saab meeting in the Bavarian Forest slowly came to an end and the participants set off for the return journey (several participants had journeys of up to 800 kilometers).

The proceeds of the meeting go to the Saab Museum in Trollhättan as in the previous year.

The next Saab meeting in the Bavarian Forest will take place from April 30th to May 03rd, 2015. Those interested in the next meeting should contact the organizer Matthias Ketterl at

Numerous pictures of the meeting can be found under the following links: Blder by Matthias Ketterl, pictures of participants.

Text: Matthias Ketterl

Pictures: Matthias Ketterl