First Saab 9-5 II sports car on Sweden's roads.

In Sweden now came a long thriller to a happy ending. It might sound a bit crazy, but it's true. Only now, the first privately owned Saab 9-5 II sports car has been registered in Sweden. The story behind it is unbelievable and shows that in the EU, despite everything, not everything is as easy as it should be.

Saab 9-5 II at the registration office
Saab 9-5 II at the registration office

We all remember the Saab auctions when pre-production and model year 2012 vehicles were called up. 18 sports suits were sold at the time, and four of them are on the streets of Germany. A Saab 9-5 sports suit from the 2012 model year, a Vector with 1.6 liter turbo engine and 180 hp, was auctioned by Michèl Annink for 186.500 Swedish kronor. He is a Swedish citizen and has been a Saab fan since he was 11 or 12 years old. The 9-5 went to Kiel after the auction, where Saab Service Kiel took care of acceptance and approval. Kiel is a specialist for these rare vehicles, so no problem.

Michèl Annink set off for Sweden with the papers from Kiel, drove through Germany, Denmark and his home country, where passers-by turned their heads to the Saab and photographed the vehicle. What he didn't know then - it was to be the last trip - for a long time. Back from Germany he went to the registration authority to register the vehicle with German papers on Swedish roads. It's actually child's play within the EU, because the legal situation is clearly regulated.

The Swedish authorities refused and doubted the validity of the German papers. The German authorities had made a mistake in the admission, it was argued, and the authority ignored existing EU law. For registration documents of another EU member are valid in other member states, the marketing authorization must be granted. So more than 4 passed months with the exam, but Michèl Annink did not give up.

He contacted the EU Parliament and received confirmation that the Swedish authorities were wrong. He wrote an application and was finally ready to go to the European Court of Justice for the approval of the Saabs. In a similar case in Belgium, the national institutions had lost and had to grant approval.

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Then suddenly, after a good 10 months, the authority gave in. The day before yesterday was the appointment at “Bilprovningen”, the papers were checked and accepted. In Sweden, the news is a bit of a sensation. Bilsport and Auto-Motor-Sport are reporting on it, and Swedish television has also asked Michèl Annink.

Good news for the other Swedish owners of a Saab 9-5 II sports suit or a Saab 9-4x. Because they all have the same problem as Michèl Annink and have not yet received any documents that would allow approval. He made it, just waiting for his Swedish license plates, then the first privately owned Saab 9-5 II sports suit drives the streets of his home country. Michèl Annink is happy, the story ended well. For him, the Saab is a special car for special days. And maybe a little more. We wish you a good trip at all times!


Pictures: Michèl Annink (1), Saab Service Kiel (6)

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  • The main problem in the EU is not the legislation in Brussels, but the local authorities and politicians in the member states, these open hands want to be filled

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    "I could throw up Köttbullar - even today if I just think about it"
    Direct hit - absolutely right! I feel the same when thinking of the SAAB bankruptcy.

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    Probably the authorities in Sweden themselves cannot believe that one of only two national automobile manufacturers is allowed to officially go down the drain when it actually has its first SUV and the most beautiful station wagon in the world ...

    No, that must have deeper causes and the vehicles can not (yet) be approved.

    VM with its back against the wall would have been THE opportunity for the Swedish state to buy cheaply from SAAB and put SAAB on a GM-free path in the coming years. I could puke Köttbullar - even today, just thinking about it.

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    My sincere congratulations to the brave Michel Annink:
    I am a freelance car dealer and can fully confirm every character of the story.
    Up to the Swedish Ministry of Transport only intolerant dusty bureaucrats who try by countless conditions to prevent free imports into the country.
    EU laws do not interest the people there.
    Furthermore, in Sweden all imports are “glassy”.
    Within one day, SCANIA and VOLVO are aware of the fact that a new EU truck has been imported from the EU into its high-price market.
    The EU brand dealer, who has sold this vehicle, will be charged back the entire sales aid immediately.
    These are usually between 4.000.- to 9.000.-Euro.
    If he is “lucky” he can keep his dealership contract.
    And in the aftermath only harassment from the importer to get him down.
    Of course, always “under the blanket” - never in writing.
    Maybe someone could go to Brussels.
    But there they are referred to the European Court of Justice.
    This shows how well the lobbyists are working ..
    And our corrupt political idiots tell the electorate fairy tales of a common and free market.
    From my 30 years of experience I can only say:
    Everything has gotten even worse.
    Protectionism in pure culture.
    Best regards.
    Peter Witzel.

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    Well, sometimes the EU is useful! ... that in Sweden also the official white man or the official moose? or the office troll ??

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    When the Swedish burglar neighs, Europe laughs. One should publish the names of Swedish responsible officials.

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    Congratulations to Sweden to the SAAB owner! Great vehicle, take good care of this beautiful piece! Persistence pays off ... embarrassing number for the Swedish authorities!

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    What is going on with the Swedish authorities ???????

  • Once again I doubt and despair about this story - with all my love for Saab - about the Swedish state.

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    Great that it worked!
    Would have been a bit perverted, if this (great) Swedish car in Sweden would not have been on the road (incredible story!).
    Great also that the media are interested in this registration marathon.
    Saab in the press is always good - especially when it comes to such a rare specimen 🙂
    Tom, it would be nice if you could keep us updated on the release - provided you have access to it.

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    Tenacity pays off

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