Saab photo. The 9-3 wedding Saab.

So far we had two Saab 9-5 as wedding cars on the blog. The first came from the Styria, which second Saab from Hessen. So it's time to have a Saab 9-3 as a bridal car. And here he is!

Saab 9-3 as a wedding car
Saab 9-3 as a wedding car

The Saab 9-3 by Robert, matt-black foil, makes a good figure with the floral decoration. A beautiful car for one of the most beautiful days in life, and our congratulations go to the Karlsruhe area!

Saab weddings can get a certain prominence. Such as the German-Swedish marriage of Marcus and Manuela, whose Saab love story is told in detail in the Gießener Anzeiger. How it all began and how the Saab passion of the two then led to the decision to want to experience life together in the future, you can read now. There's another saying that Saab is a normal car brand.


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5 thoughts on "Saab photo. The 9-3 wedding Saab."

  • Who said Saab is a normal car brand? I think especially the last 3 years have proven the opposite. Above all, it has turned out that Saabfahrer are very loyal people, therefore, if you have a Saab as a wedding car, nothing can go wrong. Although we had a Ford Lincoln at the time and it has been working quite well for 20 years.

  • Always noble ... may the love for women AND the SAAB endure for a long time!

  • I think bigotry is not for a real Saab driver ... ;-)

  • When we got married in Sellin, my wife and I had permission to drive onto the Sellin Bridge. There are also several pictures of our 9-3I ... 🙂

  • Slides are not for a real Saab! Kika!

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