Spotlight Trollhattan. Light and shadow for the Saab city.

The last days were mixed, as regards the news from Trollhättan. Positive news from NEVS and Saab, less pleasing from other direction. There is the Saab Museum, which was finally allowed to take possession of some vehicles. Specifically, it is about a Saab 9-5 II sports car, a 9-3 Anniversary Cabriolet and a Saab 9-4x, whose whereabouts in the museum has now been clarified.

Spotlight Trollhattan. Scenes from the Saab city
Spotlight Trollhattan. Scenes from the Saab city

The owners have now acquired these vehicles for the historic Saab collection, and even if the 9-4x with the VIN 001 was replaced with another model, that's very good news. Good things are also reported by NEVS-Saab.

NEVS-Saab continues to grow

The start of production in the Stallbacka is within reach, and just as the calendar sheets of the year 2013 are less and less, so the countdown is running in the factory. Further jobs are created and previously orphaned functions are filled with employees. Good 100 jobs will be recreated, and NEVS will have more than 600 employees in the near future, including outside personnel. Today, 363 people work for NEVS-Saab in addition to the 200 external consultants.

May stay - Saab 9-5 II sports in the Saab Museum
May stay - Saab 9-5 II sports suit in the Saab Museum

The production, which starts on a small scale 2013, will be gradually increased in the year 2014, so that there will be more jobs in production. Trollhättan also needs them, because while there is good news from the stableback, jobs are shifting elsewhere in the direction of Gothenburg.

“Din El” closes office in Trollhättan

“Din El”, a former joint venture between Vattenfall and Göteborg Energi, closes its office in Trollhättan. In 2009 the company was completely taken over by Gothenburg Energi, and now the Trollhättan site is coming to an end. The employees will probably continue to be employed in Gothenburg, but it is not certain yet. 60 jobs less in Saab City, that's a big setback.

Because not only “Din El” is migrating, other small businesses outside the automotive industry, often only recently subsidized by the state, are leaving Trollhattan. Larger companies are cutting jobs, and the Siemens subsidiary today announced 24 job losses.

Why am I writing about it? The crisis is not over for Trollhättan. To show how important NEVS-Saab and the auto industry are for Trollhättan. Without an alternative - so to speak.




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    Once again a great spotlight article about the SAAB city in Sweden. THANK YOU for the comprehensive information! It is time that the positive future found its way back into Trollhättan. I keep my fingers crossed for the region….

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    Hi Tom,
    nice picture of Trollhättan. The blue 9.3 is my car.
    There were a few great days to the festival.
    Hopefully everything will be in our favor.

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    Hi Tom,

    With this article everything has been brought to the point - the auto industry in Trollhättan is actually without any alternative.

    Since in my view NEVS but has done a very good job so far and I have got a good feeling about the development of SAAB in the next few years, one should also assess the prospects for Trollhättan and the surrounding area rather positively.

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