Rebus. Saab design by Björn Envall - the story.

Our last rebus showed a Saab design by Björn Envall. The story behind the sketch begins at the Saab Festival 2013 in Trollhättan. A typical story that you can experience only with Saab and no other brand. Former Saab designer Björn Envall sits at a table with friends in the Saab Museum, and on a whim, he pulls out his pen and draws on the table top the design of a notchback saloon with large tailgate. Just because.

Bjoern Envall Saab design on the Nordi Car Classic
Bjoern Envall Saab design on the Nordi Car Classic

Now Björn Envall is not anyone in the world of Saab. As a young man, he worked with the first Saab designer, Sixten Sason, and the Saab 99, Saab's important step into a higher class, is a jointly devised product. It was followed by Saab 900 and Saab 9000 ... the best car, which in his opinion was ever built by Saab. And he is not alone.

One can say that Envall has shaped Saab like no other designer. The hatchback, the large tailgate and the design, based on the cross-section of an airplane wing, transformed from the time of Sixten Sason into modernity - we owe everything to him. And now this man draws a draft on a tabletop ... Götz from Hamburg sees this, can not believe it, and takes a picture. Actually, I thought, Götz now secures this table, packs it in his Saab and exports the furniture with a draft to Hamburg.

Bjoern Envall draws a draft. On a table. Just because.
Bjoern Envall draws a draft. On a table. Just because.

He did not. No one thought about it in the museum either, and the next day the design, using cleaning agents, had disappeared. The table as clean as before. Now the story could have ended and can only remain a Saab episode. But Saab is Saab and so continues the story. A good friend of Götz heard of the sketch and its creation. He lives temporarily in Trollhättan and knows Björn Envall. A few weeks later, both met, and Envall got to hear the story. No problem, he said, and drew a new design. A notchback sedan with large tailgate. Practical and elegant, matching Saab - and a car Saab was not allowed to build after the 9000.

The sketch came to Götz in Hamburg, was presented on the blog and then exhibited at the Nordi Car Classic. Then she went on hiking. To a Saab fan and admirer of Björn Envall. She is in good hands and has a place of honor. Certainly.

This was our background report on the design by Björn Envall. We will not have last reported this great Saab designer. Our next picture puzzle starts with another draft tomorrow. While there is no chance for fans to come up with the sketch by Björn Envall, here is the opportunity to get the design as a highlight for the private Saab collection. A generous sponsor makes it possible, and how it works, we reveal after resolution of the next Saab picture puzzle.


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