Rebus. Saab design of .... ?

Our last picture puzzle was a bit difficult! A design by Björn Envall, not easy to guess. Meanwhile, the story goes with the Saab puzzles in round 3, and we ask the question, what can be seen in the picture and who has designed it. The solution should be simpler and, unlike the previous questions, this time will be a first.

Saab design from .....
Saab design of ... ..

Because Saab fans have the chance to take this design, which is nowhere to buy, soon in their possession. How it works and what we are about to do, I'll tell you about the resolution. Only so much is already betrayed: we do not want the money of our readers, we want something different ;-).

While I first take care of the "real life" and my full desk, the blog team wishes you lots of fun in guessing ...



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  • sonnet IV:
    - fancy
    - but too impractical in my eyes
    - as successor to the sonnet III not shallow enough

  • a little Saab
    maybe a Saab 9-1 as CombiCopé?

    Greeting André

  • SAAB 9-1, compact, 2 door

  • Saab 9-3 x Concept 2002
    Michael Mauer,
    Anthony Lo has also worked on this concept. The original idea was of a designer with a Turkish name, which I can not think of now.

    • Saab 9 3X (2002)
      Michael Mauer
      Anthony Lo
      Simon Padian

  • exactly ... 9-3 X from the Mr. Mauer. I'm a few minutes late

  • 9-1 Concept, supposedly by Taras Czornyj

  • Although the prototype has been unveiled as 9-3X, this should be the 3-door (Combi-Coupe) version of the 9-3. In the end there were 5 body shapes of the 9-3 that were supposed to be presented pretty much simultaneously. We only saw four of them, and this would have been number 5.

    I do not know exactly who the designer was, but I guess Taras Czornyj, who finally designed the 9-3 Combi.

  • I see in it the dream of a designer again to set up a competitive model for the mountain race Pikes Peak. Unfortunately, it has remained a dream ...

  • No matter which vehicle it should be and by whom it is, it looks good. Only the cooling unit on the roof is reminiscent of a Bofrost delivery van

    • The cooling unit is called a roof box
      Such a lifestyle car should also be suitable for winter sports. Koenigsegg has shown so much for 2 years ago for the Agera R in Geneva.

  • Looks a bit like a design by Gemballa ... 😉

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