Saab news. Saab production start in November?

Bilsport Sweden is the first magazine ever to name a date for the Saab production launch. The magazine wants to know that on 29. November will be the first production vehicles to roll off the reels in the stablebacka.

NEVS CEO Bergmann
NEVS CEO Bergmann

All other media conspicuously stick with predictions, or refer to There is still no official date from NEVS-Saab, just the good news that the supply chain has been successfully rebuilt. Bilsport also wants to know more about the engine issue - there is still complete silence here. Chinese engines are not supposed to work under the NEVS-Saab hood, as was sometimes suspected, but known solutions and possibly also engines from BMW. Mind you - possibly! Just speculation or deliberately scattered indiscretion? I am holding back with a prognosis.

A look at the calendar shows that November 29th is a Friday. My bet goes against it. If I wanted to start production, I wouldn't do it before the weekend. It would be more likely to start on a Monday, at the start of the working week. Let's see…

Anyway, whether we see running bands in November or December, the timing is secondary. NEVS-Saab would have made its announcement true and started production in the autumnal calendar. Saab finally gets going again, that's important. The times are exciting!


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  • I would like to be the agent of Saab Automobile in the country or in the Middle East

  • So, I definitely have to say one thing: the new radiator grille is the best of the past 11 years. I never made friends with the three-part (9-3 from 2002) and the completely new, large one - I always liked the narrow ones from the 9000 and 900 series.

    Now it's just exciting, if finally a detailed, comprehensive view of the car is allowed at the start of production: interior equipment, engine, details to suppliers. Or if the press department then sleeps again, has coffee break or just had to go to the bathroom?

  • Is NEVS already ISO 9000 certified? After all, this is one of the homologation basics. After all, NEVS wants to bring vehicles in Europe as prototypes on the road. And for that it needs the accepted quality management process.

  • It certainly will not be quantum leaps, in addition, once the market is filled.

  • Our entire family also drives Saab with 5 people. Including 4 times the 9-3 from various years of construction and once the new 9-5. At least three of the vehicles will be replaced next spring. Let's hope for new models ...

    • At least the Swedish market will be supplied with new vehicles in 2014. An import would not be a problem, as EU. But - we should first wait and see what they'll show us in the spring and whether they like it.

      • Tom is once again very level-headed…. ;-) Does he really believe that what is being shown there in spring could not please him ??? 🙂

  • Hey Tom! just read the super small article. very sparse and hardly worth talking about. one can only hope ... .. nice WOE! keep it up….

  • We drive a few SAABs in the family (everything 9-3 1997-2010). A colorful collection (AERO/STH/Kombi/CABRIO) - diesel/petrol engines - hardly any problems - the 2002 petrol engine bitches every now and then. Otherwise everything is sunshine. Now the first two will soon be due for a change and you can't convince everyone to keep waiting. I can only hope that our TOP dealer is actually approached by NEVS and that the dry spell is finally over. It's not possible to let the used cars spin around forever. Here NEVS is missing a huge opportunity to make a difference and survive, including in Europe. Or is it really just about China?

  • "However, whether we see tapes moving in November or not until December, the timing is secondary."

    I totally disagree with that. Admittedly, I've never sat in a Saab, let alone driven one, but I like Saab and I would prefer to use a NEVS Saab if a family vehicle is to be bought next year. Anyway, regardless of the planned purchase period, in my opinion it should start immediately rather than on November 29th (we assume that the rumors are true). Because that has a very simple background. I am eager for more information, on the one hand about the engine-gearbox-drive combinations (I would prefer a diesel with all-wheel drive and automatic - will probably not come that way because the main market is little interested in diesel engines and very few people in general have one All-wheel drive need) and what the new Saab looks like (especially the interior). These are the most important aspects of a vehicle for me personally, because seat heating, cruise control, xenon headlights etc. are everywhere.

    Personally, I hope that the rear of the 9-3 will be revised a bit, as in my opinion it doesn't harmonize perfectly with the very beautiful front of the car. And the selector lever of the automatic transmission does not work at all - why you left something like that in the Griffin model has always been a mystery to me.

    For the engines I would like a very economical 140-160ps diesel or alternatively an 200ps variant. If there really would be BMW engines at some point, then we should not just look at the 2 liter engines, because BMW wants to bring out the 1,5er gasoline and diesel, which is also supposed to perform up to 225ps (?). And that would be very much in line with the eco-thinking of NEVS.

    Greetings from Schü

  • If you take a look at the current engine range of the 5er BMW, it is usually 2Ltr.-4-Cyl.-Turbos, both as petrol and diesel. That would fit well with the SAAB, connect to old times and I have not heard anything negative about the BMW engines. Please do not reach into the VAG shelf !!!
    Otherwise great news.

    • The negative is the price for a BMW engine. Otherwise, I'll give you 100 pro right.

  • If you read the swade article linked above, it all looks very plausible, the cars all go to China and there will only be something here when there are new (e?) engines. At least there is now a real chance of being able to buy new SAABs here one day. That's something.

  • Let's face it, let's just wait for the actual statement from NEVS. These half and possible utterances / messages are now slowing down. Despite all the SAAB sympathy (I am also there), but now you do not have to jump in every bubble in the air. The dealer's existence will decimate on the entire German market by approx. 2000 dealers in the next few years. Our dealers do not even have a new car for us in the yard. Leading Swedish newspapers do not even have NEVS in their sights. Still a good WOE for all fans. I do not want to rob anyone of his optimism, which is heroic after such thirsty days.

    • Dagens Industri, the leading business newspaper in Sweden, wrote about it yesterday. But otherwise, I agree, it is a bit quiet beyond the autopress.

  • I don't think it's very serious if you were to build 2 or 3000 cars with GM engines and then maybe switch to BMW engines so that in the end you switch to ex Saab engines from BAIC, for example ... Do you think that is possible?

    • If you can then choose, the old 2.0 liter machine would be fine with me ...

  • Hi Tom,
    Look at the bilsport article again, there is not production start on the 29.11. the speech, but that the first cars will be completed that day.

    • Hmm, mean what? Start of production on this day or before? Or how should you interpret Bilsport ...

      • So I would interpret it like this: if the first cars are to be finished on this Friday, you have to start production a few days before (and not on the same friday).

        • Okay, that would of course be possible. Always with the premise that Bilsport is right here.

          • Let us bet. I'll just say Tuesday the 26.11. That would have been unthinkable a year ago.

            • Betting on the blog ;-)… Okay, why not. November 26.11th is noted 🙂

          • It's nice if you only ask such a question. To the engine question I've read today that NEVS remainders from GM times should have bought with. Ca 3000 piece. The first want to be blocked. Whether that's true is the other question.

            • That with the engine purchase is correct. Whether it's 2 or 3.000, there are different numbers on the way. Blogger Swade has once again written a good Saab article that hits a few things in a nutshell.

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