Saab news. Saab 9-4x Aero "Crystal Red" in Kiel.

Saab is exclusive! Not quite voluntarily maybe ... A few days ago there was a very special Saab meeting in Kiel. Two Saab 9-4x Aero in the color "Crystal Red" stood on the premises of Saab Service Lafrentz. This would give us 100% of all 9-4x Aero built in that color in one place.

9 4x in Crystal Red
9 4x in Crystal Red

Just over a year ago, the Lafrentz family had the first 9-4x in "Crystal Red" across the pond brought, Originally intended for sale, it quickly became clear that the Saab remains in the family. The Saab SUV got a German registration and has since been moved by family members and was traveling a lot. Norway, several times Sweden, and of course that was Saab Festival in Trollhattan on the travel plan.

Wherever you get with the 9-4x, everywhere the cameras and cell phones are brought in to stop and made a picture of the megaseltenen vehicle. I like this rich, red hue that suits the Saab very well. How ever the 9-4x would have been my car then.

The second 9-4x Aero in the color "Crystal Red" with the VIN #002 arrived more than a year later in Europe and also landed in the Kiel at the local Saab base, He passed the approval and was made fit for European roads. But, and that may be the bad news for anyone interested, the Saab is already in solid hands and has been hauled on behalf of the US.

He's going to Sweden, but we're sure we'll see him again someday. Maybe at a Saab festival and maybe park next to each other again, the only 9-4 x Aero in the color "Crystal Red".


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  • Nice car, but especially nice color.

    I'm always happy when there are people who dare and do not order the usual black, silver or similar boring, depressing colors.

    Chrystal Red would definitely be my color as well

  • That would be exactly my thing, the color and a beige-colored interior, Saabherz what do you want more!

  • No matter in which color (even light pink or neon green - hmm, well, almost any color) ... the 9-4 is just a very great, chic car !!!

  • Fantastic SAAB with far too short production time. I like the red!

  • If I do not already have a 9-7x ... ..

  • How do you get a navigation system in the 9-4 that communicates with climate and radio and runs with current maps? Is there already experience?
    Thank you and best regards

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