Rebus. Saab 9-3x Concept by Michael Maurer.

He was for a short time the bearer of hope in Trollhättan. Michael Maurer, German design star, today responsible at Porsche. In the year 2000 he came from Mercedes to Saab, became the Executive Director Design. Exciting studies such as Saab 9x and 9-3x come from his pen.

Saab design from .....
Saab design of ... ..

And some of us drive every day with a work by Michael Maurer on German roads. The Saab 9-3 II is one of his designs. And also the Saab 9-2x and 9-7x are from his pen. He does not seem to have been so happy in Trollhättan, because he already switched 2004 to Porsche, where he still works today. He overlooked this in one of his interviews. "The Saab management takes too little time for design (and designers) ..."Said Maurer 2004 to a large German car newspaper. He probably was right about that during the then phase of the company.

However, the Saab 9-3 basic design is still timeless today and very modern with the 2008 facelift. The one of us in the last picture riddle shown 9-3x study, here as a two-door coupe, was the template for the eponymous production model. A slightly more on lifestyle and off-road designed derivative of the sports combination, which I always liked very much. Perhaps there is a hint of the hoped Saab 9-3 II Coupe in the drawing, which was never realized or presented to the public.

Michael Maurer's designs can today be admired in the Saab Museum Trollhättan. On one of my last visits three studies from his time in Sweden were side by side, probably more coincidence than intention.

At the time of the launch of the 9-3x study, there was a limited print run by Saab, and the Saab Parts (Orio AB) opened the "treasury" for us and not only brought out these rarities. We will, with the German branch of the Orio AB as a sponsor, in winter 2013 / 14 launch a photo contest under the motto "Saab & Snow". Because in Eschborn nothing has changed except for the name of the parent company. Saab continues to be a business model and daily lived passion!

Participants have the chance of a Saab design by Michael Maurer and not only. For more Saabian prices wave, including collectibles, which - like this Saab sketch - can not be purchased anywhere. Anticipation is the greatest joy; the wait will be worthwhile. Promised ! More on this topic on the blog soon.



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  • Dear Tom,

    Great idea of ​​"Orio" and you!
    When it's snowing, I like to pick up the two-stroke engine for a nice photo series from the garage ... preferably before the gritting vehicles!

    Greetings from the Hochsauerland


  • The name Orio still seems to get used to, and I still can not explain how it will endure in the US market. Ford has also forced Ferrari to rename the F1 car from 2011 (?) Of F-150 to F-150 °, probably so you will not order a pickup truck when looking at a high performance racing car. Or for fear of getting an F1 car, no pick-up ordered. But no matter, that's it, then SAAB Parts is just Oreo ... er .. Orio.

    But what would be interesting to highlight: Grade 9-2 and 9-7 are considered quite a mistake, as if I remember correctly in Europe not offered "Saabaru" and as umgebackled Chevy Trailblazer. In the middle picture, I would have classified the 9-3X from the front rather than 9-2 - on other models, I have never seen this front.

    In which direction did the design actually flow? or did you suffer again from a simplified presentation of the conditions by the press?

    • I also find it difficult with some Mauerer designs, see 9-7 and 9-2. Probably there were quite narrow guidelines what was feasible and what the cost pressure was due. There is also very little material and statements from the designer himself in the press.

      Yes the Oreo Biscuit is delicious and legendary in the US

      • Where do you say biscuit: Strictly speaking, Renault could now also rattle in (I'm sorry, the pun must be simple in the context). The Renault Dauphine - once here in the area very popular - wore in Germany the unofficial nickname "cream chops". Cars can really be a delicious hobby ...

        9-2 and 9-7 have their place in the SAAB history, even if they rank well on the popularity scale. And if you read the cited statement of Maurer, then comes with me already the impression that he was probably expected to knit suitable brass for corporate underbuildings, at the appropriate cost. The 9-X pleases, and 9-3X, especially the rear end, are now SAAB trademarks, so I would blame the designer so much less. Especially if he is wooed by Porsche - they do not take everyone.

        Once again a fine example of one of the missed opportunities in SAAB history.

  • Hello Tom, he also designed you the great Aero front spoiler, right?

  • I got the print of the 2001-9X at the AMI Leipzig 3 and I'm proud to own it. It's very nice, unfortunately it did not work out

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