Saab photo. Saab 9-3 under the northern lights.

Saab drivers often have some connection to the Scandinavian countries and like to spend their annual holidays in the north. Manfred is fan of Saab and Scandinavia, the pictures for our Saab photo contest 2012 came from Norway. Also this year he remained true to the country, and his Saab image comes from Tromsø.

Saab 9-3 in the northern lights
Saab 9-3 in the northern lights

I leave Manfred to give an impression of the natural spectacle, because he can do it better than me. He writes: "... imagine you are lying in the caravan at night, looking out the window and then suddenly the sky begins to live. At first very weak but then stronger and stronger, the lights begin to jump, dance and wobble. This is how we felt in Tromsö tonight. Indescribable and the photos in the appendix can only partially describe the spectacle ..."

Aurora at Tromso
Aurora at Tromso

Wonderful, impressive photos of an incredible natural spectacle! With or without a Saab, the pictures show the beauty of the Scandinavian home of our vehicles. Thanks to Manfred for the mail!


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  • I've rarely seen such great photos of this natural spectacle!

  • THANK YOU for participating! One more reason to head north….

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