SAAB News. Saab Calendar 2014 - Part 1.

Like 2013, Till von Saabsunited has again created new calendars for the coming year. With more choice than ever before. There are calendars for Saab Cabriolet fans, for the classic faction and of course for all other Saab riders. Very nice Saab pictures, mostly delivered by the Saab community around the globe, found their way into the new calendar edition.

Saab Calendar in the CardyourCar Shop.
Saab Calendar in the CardyourCar Shop.

The calendars were already rated “recommendable” in 2013, but the new edition has gotten even better. The format has changed, sometimes criticized as being too compact, and the calendars are larger than in the previous year. All 2014 calendars can now be ordered from Till's CardyourCar Shop. He also offers Saab Christmas cards and Saab wrapping paper with Saab motifs under the “Saab Stuff” category. Everything for the Saab fan! What more do you want ?

Till has a special surprise for readers of With the discount code “saab blog”They get 10% off the regular price.

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Till is, without question, quite Saab crazy. But not just him! There are more ideas this year, and other great calendars come from Germany. We'll be introducing them tomorrow and the day after, and readers will be spoiled for choice. A luxury problem? Not really, just a great story. The community is very active, the brand is alive. And that's good.



3 thoughts on "SAAB News. Saab Calendar 2014 - Part 1."

  • Tom, thanks for the till-tip!

    I immediately ordered the saabige Christmas paper.
    This will cause my friends and acquaintances to shake their heads violently again if I “give them” it! 😉

  • The calendar 2013 delights me every day!
    Order for 2014 is running

  • Just great,
    have the two of last year already schon.Neubestellung is required. Thank you for the good idea!

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