SAAB News. Saab Parts Calendar 2014.

The last part of our calendar trilogy is about the calendar of the German branch of Orio AB, formerly Saab Automobile Parts, In Eschborn there will be a new calendar this year for business partners and friends of the house. The motif, three Saab 9-3 Griffin variants, could be symbolic for 2014.

Saab Parts Calendar 2014
Saab Parts Calendar 2014

It represents the model range for the coming year, even if the facelift for spring (?) 2014 is of course not yet shown. In the Saab Tower in Eschborn, managing director Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher including the team continues to live Saab, and - name change or not - nothing has changed in the Saab enthusiasm and the daily commitment to our brand.

There are many positive innovations for 2014 that affect us and our partners! We were able to take a look behind the scenes and will report from time to time. Back to the Saab calendar from Eschborn: of course you can't buy it, it's primarily a gift for Saab partners.

Saab Parts Calendar 2014
Saab Parts Calendar 2014

Last year there was demand for the calendar from Saab drivers. Which is understandable, because the 3-month calendar is something like the “official” German Saab calendar. In Eschborn you have a close ear to the community, listen and register what is going on on the blog and in the forums, and of course you remembered it. That is why we have received a few copies that we can distribute to the readers.

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Which left us with the question of who should get these calendars ... A difficult question! At first we thought of giving away the calendars according to the motto: “Whoever emails first, wins”. Which wouldn't have been entirely fair! Because there are fans who have repeatedly campaigned for the brand in the past few months ... and that's exactly what we want to reward. Readers who supported with articles or several times with photo material in 2013 will receive mail from the team in the next week. In it the Saab Parts Calendar 2014 and a little something from us 🙂

As a small thank you for the cooperation and commitment to our cult brand!



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  • “Restless” yes, but I still prefer eustress to distress ...

  • Great idea from Eschborn, actually too bad for the office or just good, because he makes curious.
    Yesterday received two calendars from SU, beautiful shots. The format is great. Thanks a lot. Now we are all waiting for Monday.
    All a restless weekend.

  • Yes, that was a press photo from 2007 as a preview for the MY2008.

  • Wait, the 2. December is not marked as a holiday
    I'm really looking forward to the event on Monday.

  • What is your tip Tom? Tomorrow?

  • Heiko was probably wrong, let's see if Bilsport is also wrong. I guess so…

  • hmm that Tuesday didn't quite work out ...

  • Exactly, 2014 will be the comeback year for SAAB! Great motive!

  • Very emotional photo! SAAB, fit for future!
    Congratulations to all calendar addresses who receive this year's companion! 2014, a wonderful view and outlook!

  • ups
    As was probably the name of something from an old comment with purely slipped.

  • Very nice motive and only fair to distribute it that way. 2014 will be exciting.

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