SAAB press. Saab Parts Advertising in Austria.

Let's be honest - when was the last time we saw a print advertisement for our car brand? It must have been sometime in 2010 for the introduction of the Saab 9-5 II, at that time there were advertisements in Spiegel, Fokus and Stern in Germany. Then came the great drought, so I am even more pleased with this publication, seen in Austria.

Saab advertising. We take care of your Saab
Saab advertising. We take care of your Saab

In the current issue of Hotel & Co, a tourism guide for Tyrol and South Tyrol, we found this advertisement from Saab Automobile Parts AB, now Orio AB. Is responsible for the Saab market in Austria by Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher and his staff, and also the ad comes from the Eschborn Tower. Finally, to see again advertising our small Swedish favorite brand, I am very happy!

The placement of the Autumn / Winter campaign there is a clever move in this magazine. Because Hotel & Co is available for half a year in hotels, tourist information offices and restaurants and is often taken home as a souvenir. Unlike in the daily press, this means that the advertisement has a long shelf life. And the chosen motif, Saab 9-3x with mountains in the background, is very well chosen for an alpine holiday region.

The display is more than a sign of life and a signal. Because not everyone who finds the brand likeable informs themselves daily on blogs or in forums about Saab. And yes, you could almost think Saab would be a completely normal car brand with production running again.

But we are on the way there! At least for production. Times are getting better. Finally !



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  • The only thing missing now is the legendary showroom on the Danube Canal next to the Summer Stage in Vienna being equipped with a new generation Saab ...

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    There was also an advertisement for the 9-5 II in Manager-Magazin ...
    This advertisement above was also available as a flyer for Saab drivers. I received this flyer from my workshop ... which made me particularly happy ...

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    At least for production? Should have started this week then. Is there something new?

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      It was a date from the Swedish press, not from NEVS-Saab. But, no need to be nervous. Everything so far in the green area!

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    Please, please no öäü in the picture name.
    Gives browser as you can see then unfortunately no picture.

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      … I just started my full Windows via Parallels to see the display. 😉

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      Sorry, the Safari browser ... I forget now and then 😉

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