Breaking news. Saab series production starts on Monday!

Serial production at NEVS-Saab and thus the brand's comeback will start 02.12.13 on 13 on 00: XNUMX Watch on Monday. This was announced by spokesman Mikael Östlund today. Media and invited guests will be on hand, including representatives of Swedish politics.


The first vehicles should go to China. More details, including information about the engines, will be announced by NEVS next Monday. Presumably under the hoods developed in Trollhättan direct injection turbo gasoline engine will be used, which was already to be found in the 9-3 Griffin models.


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  • What is there then to offer for 9000s? Or is there “only” an addition?

  • With reasonable model politics, SAAB would not have gone hops. The US government sawed off SAAB, among other things, because the numbers were not correct, which caused the GM and its SIZES.

  • What still occurred to me:
    Is there a livestream to restart, so to the lectures etc. or will you have to wait for the written report?

  • Wait a bit and buy her the e version of it, should it be built. The degree of coolness was then no longer top.

  • Au cheek finally it is so far. Hopefully, NEVS is hosting a huge event here, as well as a look at the 2014 facelift and information on the first electric vehicle from NEVS on the presentation of the current vehicles.

    It would be nice, but I've become a little cautious about such hopes. Lately NEVS has always been quite quiet. But maybe only to come up with drums and trumpets on the curtain on Monday and say “Look here, that is waiting for you in 2014!”

  • Well, GM had long since given the helm out of hand, the deathblow at that time rather demanded and enforced the US government.

  • Hooray! A great and almost unthinkable day is ahead of Trollhättan! I'm happy for the Västagötland region, which has had a long and anxious dry spell, and I'm also happy as a SAAB user! May the delicate SAAB-NEVS plant continue to develop positively! Many would then have advantages: Workers in the region around Trollcity, the investors, Chinese who can FINALLY drive the SAAB, and hopefully also the “rest of the world” who has been waiting for these wonderfully elegant, powerfull and environmentally friendly SAABs.
    This 1st Advent has something very special about it ... the next week will also be exciting!
    Just a great message!
    Good weekend!

  • Well, they are all imported
    After this great news would be next year, an official Germany sales the icing on the cake.

  • I don't care what the Chinese get ... I want a new convertible soon and that with a nice 6-cyl. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This policy of NEVS, only a few info to publish but also create a certain tension and interest! Dear slow wisely and then right!

    And another manufacturer of other products has also managed to create tension again and again with brief information until something new is presented again - APPLE!
    And the success is well known!

  • Great news at the end of the year !!! Hopefully the further development at NEVS will continue in our sense.

  • SAAB / NEVS should also send an invitation to the great GM managers who finished SAAB back then.

  • The strategy “to bake small rolls” and not to trumpet loudly leads to a shake of the head. Meanwhile I like her, she causes real surprises. It would be wonderful for the loyal Saab community to have prophets like Prof. Dr. To show Ferdinand Dudenhöffer from the University of Duisburg, bit by bit, how a brand that has been declared dead can re-establish itself step by step!

  • A great Christmas present for all SAAB fans

  • Greetings too! I am glad that this time the people who believed in a new beginning were right. Of course for the benefit of all fans!

  • Please quickly produce enough demonstration cars in different configurations and then go on a tour to dealers to present your customers on site. Of course, not all remaining service partners will agree to a dealer contract, but one or the other would - if the conditions are right - be there again, as I was told. In any case, I can hardly wait to finally sit in a new 9-3 CV again and am already looking forward to one or the other improvement in the appearance of the material. As I was told, the suppliers are said to have made some really nice suggestions, hopefully these have been implemented. I'm curious about the price list ... 😉

  • Hopefully soon also new production of the 9-3 convertible; then I can finally do my wife a favor

  • The event on Monday seems to be really exciting. Also Minister of Economic Affairs Annie Loof will be there. That speaks for the value that the Saab restart has for the region!

  • Class. After 2 years dry spell finally goes on. Now I'm really looking forward to the facelift next year and especially on the electric cars.

    However, our cars now lose some exclusivity. Finally, we drove a brand that did not exist anymore. Only very few people can say that

    Good luck, NEVS!

  • Above all the ubiquitous expert Ferdinand D.

  • FINALLY !!

  • Congratulations NEVS-SAAB! It continues!

  • At first I had the worst concerns, but gradually the quiet, goal-oriented work of the new owners is beginning to bear fruit! Great news that they really made it before the end of the year, who would have thought - RESPECT !!!
    The remaining dry spell (until Europe is supplied), my 9000s easily manage ...

  • Great, great, great! I am glad.

    Hopefully we will come back to Germany at some point (officially and not just imported) to enjoy new SAABs! 🙂

  • Class. Whatever the future of the brand looks like, this message is a milestone.

    Overall, I have the impression that NEVS is serious and is approaching the matter with care. Even if I cannot fully understand some of the steps (almost no marketing, information distribution in homeopathic doses, etc.) - someone will probably already have thought about the strategy. Because I just can't imagine that the guys just forget about marketing when (re) building a car brand ...

  • Congratulations Saab (NEVS) !! A great event !!

  • OK. I miscalculated by a week. But I'm happy that it finally starts. I'm curious …..

  • Regardless of the order - really good news, and right on time for the 1st week of Advent. The word Advent takes on another meaning.

  • What is worth waiting for! Great news from Nevs. I'm going to Tollhättan on Mondays! Frosty greetings from a warm 9-3er in the CH.

  • The article was written before the press release. Please forbearance

  • Not quite, the series production is already in progress, on Monday runs the first built under NEVS direction series 9-3 off the line (Sedan, Aero, gasoline engine).

    Is actually quite clear in the press release:
    "National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB has started the production of the Saab 9-3 Aero Sedan with a petrol engine and would like to invite media to a presentation"

  • Death said live longer ... I am very happy about the historical event and the Saab future.
    Tomorrow I'm curious about the questions from the trade press at the Saab stand at the opening of the motor fair in Essen - if they are asked.

  • Even if it does not sound good at the moment that you will primarily supply China:
    The (also financial) effort to obtain a European license, you would certainly not operated at NEVS, if you did not want to offer vehicles here!

    I'm glad!

  • Yes / Yes….
    I'm looking forward to it too. But not soooo champagne-like - first see what will come of it.
    Greetings Gallix

  • Great. Very beautiful. I'm waiting for the electric version, while my 9-5 SC and 9-3 SS will still be maintained and extended ... A colorful weekend for you all

  • Well, I'm curious about the trade press!

  • Yes / Yes! There were even on this blog readers who wanted to convince us that our brand is definitively a thing of the past! Now they are taught a better way. I'll put the champagne cold. A big day!

  • I think I'm moving to China!

  • Thumbs up! Great

  • Well that's news with which many people had not expected!
    Very nice ... and the addition to the family will be happy too ... the little AERO 😉

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