SAAB reboot. Extremely important signal.

The importance of the restart of Saab can be seen in the visitors who have confirmed their participation. Swedish political celebrities - up to the ministerial level - will be there in Trollhättan on Monday. Because the importance for Sweden and the Västragötland region should not be underestimated.

Trollhattan Buecke over the Goeta Aelv
Trollhattan bridge over the Goeta Aelv

In a nutshell, today Fredrik Sidahl of the Association of National Suppliers of the Auto Industry. He sees in the comeback of Saab, after 30 months without production, an extremely important signal. The lost interaction between Saab and Volvo, responsible for many innovations from Sweden, sees him returning. Volvo, he says, welcomes the return. The Gothenburgers had watched with concern the disappearance of Saab. Saab was important for innovative ideas because the company was responsible for the turbo, and Halab was created by Saab, he said today in the TTELA.

After all, Saab was one of the world's smallest manufacturers, responsible for 25% of production in Sweden, making it a big national star. The restart was mentioned and welcomed in many Swedish media today. Expectations regarding next Monday seem to be significant. NEVS founder Kai Johan Jiang will speak at the press conference and NEVS CEO Mattias Bergman.

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The press can then ask questions, and that could be exciting. Because Saab is not only of great importance for Trollhättan, the active Saab partners are also eagerly waiting for new cars here in Germany. Will the pressing questions find an answer? Maybe because Monday will be an exciting day. In many ways ... More on that tomorrow ...

The NEVS-Saab restart has meanwhile made it into the German media. The Sächsische Zeitung was there first. With one sentence "There will be mounted petrol engines based on the Saab model 9-3, the 2011 had been discontinued in the future”That sounds better than what we were allowed to read at the IAA. They followed shortly after WAZ , which Autobild and the Fokus with similar messages. Saab returns to the media and back to the market. The comeback starts now, we are there. Exciting days!



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  • Complement:

    ... yes, I admit, I would like to see the Aero X or Phoenix on the street.

    Tom and Mark, I wish a good trip to Saab-City. I'm looking forward to detailed reports!

  • A truly historic day! After years of fear and trembling now the relief, the production is on, Saab shines again in the car magazines, the rebirth is perfect.

    If NEVS positions the brand long-term above the well-known premium brands, ie more exclusive, more innovative, more reliable and safer than the competition, I see no danger for the sustainable growth of Saab 2.0.

    Audi, BMW and Mercedes should not - as far as exclusivity is concerned - be the benchmark: then probably more Porsche, or Maserati!

  • “Sächsische Zeitung” wants to be.
    Saab stronghold Saxony. 😉

  • It's hard to believe ...
    but especially now finally the press releases are correct. The new will not be the ancient, but the old. So the 2011 and not as previously claimed the 2002 model.

    Have a good trip to Sweden Tm & Mark

  • I wish you every success and a great start with many orders for NEVS with the SAAB brand in southern Sweden.

  • The whole story reminds me slowly of Asterix and his little resisting village.
    If you look at European industry, a large part of it has now been sold off to the east by our “executives” from politics and business. The result is a lousy quality that runs like a red thread through all areas of life. If you take a look behind the scenes, there isn't much made-in-Germany in our German (would-be) “premium brands” - except for the price!
    SAAB has always been a very small car brand that has gone unconventional. Now a disused car factory is being reopened in a Western European high-wage country, that alone is a sensation. And most of the suppliers are said to be from Sweden. The whole thing under the direction of an Asian investor - wrong world! If that works, then one wonders why western managers and auto experts (D.) pocket these gigantic salaries ...
    I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for Nevs and hope to get real Swedish SAABs back soon.

  • Fortunately, “tomorrow” is already today, so that I will soon be able to soak up the next article. I'm as excited as a little child at Christmas 😀 I can only join the others and look forward to Monday - with the difference that I have vacation on Monday 😛

    So under us, what makes the autoscout link in the middle of the text? ò.ó

  • This is probably the first Monday I am looking forward to! 🙂

  • Just a dream, who would have thought that. Tom, great that you have always bridged our time with interesting contributions.
    Are you in Trollhättan on Monday?
    You deserve it!
    Have a nice weekend and an exciting Monday!

  • GO! SAAB GO! 🙂

  • “The comeback starts now, we're in”!
    Yes, THANK YOU too Tom, for your great emotional free information writing about the brand SAAB! I have never felt so well informed! I wish SAAB a successful turbo start!
    In anticipation….

  • I never thought that I would say something like that but hopefully it will be Monday soon.

  • Finally it starts again, good luck Saab!

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