SAAB restart. Trollhättan, we are coming ...

There are several ways to find out about events. One can form an opinion by reading different media, or one simply goes to where life takes place. On Monday a new chapter in Saab brand history will be written in Sweden. When the invitation from NEVS landed in my mailbox, there was a brief moment of reflection.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden.
National Electric Vehicle Sweden.

Then a phone call with Mark. Subsequently, the activity in Saxony and Franconia increased by a felt 100%. Appointments have been postponed, the green light has been obtained from the families. Flights, hotel and car rental booked. The promise to NEVS emailed. No question, we're there when the Saab comeback starts in Trollhättan.

Crazy? To write no less than a good 3 years for a brand that has been out of production for 30 months. The visit to Trollhättan is the logical continuation of the Saab story that we are accompanying. Perhaps the beginning of a departure into a better future for Saab, the city of Trollhättan, the fans and the dealers. At this point our thanks to the best wives of all, who always have our backs free to Mark and me and who make it possible for us to live our dreams!

It starts on Sunday ... we fly again towards Gothenburg. With the rental car, which hopefully will not be too cruel, because a Saab has not been available from the landlords for a long time, we then head towards Saab City. We will capture impressions of the mood and the people behind Saab 2.0 on site. It will be exciting, these are exciting times! Because the restart is not a purely Swedish event in the media, because international representatives are also invited. Our readers are there, we will reproduce our unfiltered impressions.

On Friday afternoon, our confirmation of participation came from Saab press chief Mikael Östlund. He is happy that we are there.

We are excited and excited! The Saab Story continues, the German community is up close!



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  • Hey Tom. Take the 93 and nozzle up. Since you can directly test whether the larger IC also expresses negative (another pressure drop / other inlet temp = other mass flow). Would it be interesting to see how far the Bosch Motronic adapts or whether a CEL is coming (acceleration from low speeds, height changes, full load). I would have on the way or return the right software at Maptun import.

    Whatever. I wish you a good trip from Lower Franconia to Sweden. The moment on site will be uplifting - enjoy it. But I'm looking forward to the time after the remaining stock GM engines. Does NEVS use the time as a “manufacturer” to evaluate and integrate new powertrains? The move with the GM / Opel engines is awesome.

    Who delivers the parts? Has NEVS built up its own logistics or is ex. Saab Automobile Parts AB the partner?

  • Moin moin Tom, moi moin, Mark!
    Congratulations to you both, that you can be personally invited and also there! You have more than earned the SAAB event on Monday! Massive time and passion for the brand YOU have invested in recent years! Have fun in Trollhättan!
    Many new contacts and positive impressions should also be there! So ..., yes of course, WE SAAB-FAN'S get a detailed report for our soul! I'm curious to stop by the blog at the beginning of next week… I'm already looking forward to it !!!!
    Have a good flight!

  • Congratulations! How nice that you are there! It gives hope that NEVS has the real SAAB fans in focus. Have a nice time and a good trip. We look forward to good news!

  • Attention TOM and SAAB fans! From 01.12.13 new law in Sweden on using MOBILE PHONES in the car !! No total ban, but in the event of danger or control (no more SMS - special case) - up to SEK 4000 fine. One would have to take a closer look at the amendment. For the Swedes it is not about the listener on the ear, but about the distraction or inattention !! Greetings from the north of the republic

    • Moin moin, polar!
      That should be checked more with us too! Also with a lot of € that “learns” better!
      Greetings from a cell phone free cockpit….

  • Have fun. Thanks to you for the great articles. Everyone gets what he deserves. You deserve it. It's a great honor. Ferdinand is definitely not allowed to go. Who would want that? 😉

  • Good luck and good news! The main thing, please, not until 2015 with us the new SAAB-astonishing: the Swedish newspapers at 19:00 - quiet in the ship (DN-Aftonbladet etc.) - hardly any movement.ahoi

    • Yes, the press is amazing. After all, DI and SvD took notice of it yesterday, as did GP from the large neighboring city with the other manufacturer. But the aftonbladet is silent. I think they are all waiting for the Monday.

      • Here it was this morning in the business section of the regional newspaper, source dpa, but also earlier it seemed as if someone from the editorial reads the blog.
        Have a good journey and have fun opening the door no. 2 of the Saabvent calendar

  • Hi Tom, I think I'm personally involved in such a historical event, ennobles you and the blog. Your commitment to Saab is seen and appreciated (by the readers of the blog and obviously also by NEVS / SAAB). It is a reward for your passion and your passionate enthusiasm. You know, I found your club for media involvement (including time) exaggerated at the start of pre-series production. Now it depends and it seems that NEVS knows what it is doing. I look forward to your news from Sweden about engines, models and Europe.

  • Well then go, my big !!!!
    Best wishes, your friend H.

    • Thank you ... Always think of our conversation in ER 2 years ago ...

  • Congratulations Tom! Have a good trip and have fun at the event. Since you have done everything right, who proposes such an invitation. Please bring me a brochure and a price list for the 9-3 CV

  • .. so the blog in Sweden is not unobserved !, is already a good sign! then our wishes are read yes

    Good Trip!

    • NEVS is pretty good at what's going on in the community. Speaks for their professionalism.

      • Social media monitoring - Engagor and Co send their regards. Every big company does.

  • enjoy it, you deserve it

  • Good journey for you! You deserve to be there and I think it's great that NEVS also recognized it! Thank you very much for all the months you have provided us with information and helped us not to lose our Saab Spirit. All the best in Sweden!

  • Have fun you both! And bring some great photos ...

    ... by the way: I now also understand why NEVS was doing nothing in terms of communication and marketing, so to speak. They completely outsourced it or put it on Tom's blog - that fits the concept of the lean organizational structure 🙂
    Hopefully Kai Johan Jiang will, in fairness, cover your expenses ...

  • You have to be really proud to be part of such a big event. I wish you a lot of fun and please bring only good news.

  • You both deserve it, congratulations and have fun !! As has already been written, it has symbolic character and somehow we are all a little gift! Fine!!!

  • Wow, exclusive coverage for us! Hopefully with only good news ...

    Have fun!!

  • Krass! Very beautiful. I am pleased. Personally, I find it a big move and a compliment from NEVS.
    A blog that lives through the writers, the fans and the passion for the brand means something to NEVS. SAAB is ahead of many car manufacturers. Still.

    Have fun and greetings from a SAAB 901, which is flying from Braunschweig to Detmold.

  • Great. Tom and Mark, firstly YOU deserve it and secondly I wish you exciting and enlightening days in Sweden. I look forward to your reporting.

  • Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello Tom.

    I wish you a lot of fun in Sweden! Monday is a small village in Sweden that hopefully shows the rest of the world how to build cars with Spirit!

    In addition, I find this personal invitation also has a large Symbolkarackter:
    NEVS has not forgotten the “old” SAAB fan base and potential European customers!
    Great! It doesn't get any worse than the pre-production start ...

    We hope to read Monday or later the headline:

    "Medially convinced"



    PS. we look forward to photos!

    • I also hope that the “Medial is convincing”. The tension is great. More on Monday 😉

      • So that both of you can be easily recognized by the media, it is best to pull on the beautiful, orange fleece jackets. Then you will be recognized immediately in the crowd 😉

        • Well :-) ... Probably the black Saab jackets from the blog team. Is more subtle.

          • That's true of course, I was also more concerned about your welfare, after all, the orange jackets my opinion a bit warmer. But the temperatures will be similar to ours next week in THN. Greetings Tim, if you see him

  • Hi all,
    I think it's good that there is a bit of movement here and you have been invited.
    I hope there is some more information for us so that we can look forward to the current and future Saab / NEVS.

    med vänliga hälsningar och lycka till!

  • Well, I have to say at this point that you are really a little crazy. I'm infected with the Saab virus and can't get rid of it. But what you pull through there is awesome. When I imagine that I would tell my wife that I am flying to Trolhättan on Monday, a car is being built there and there are a few people looking at it ... I haven't even made it to this day, our second car also to make the Saab. Crazy ... I would like to get to know the two women.

    By the way: I have now also infected my two sons with Saab. So it's 3: 1 with us - “Dad, let me know when you see a Saab”. But I'm still working on my wife ...

  • Brilliant, you are great…. I would like to be there!
    Best regards from the Saab stand at the Essen Motorshow

  • Gorgeous Tom and Mark, what a enthousiasm. And congratulations to your wives because that's so beautiful the man supports you so.
    We all are waiting for a perfect summary of what you will experience there.

  • Class, then there is first hand information to read here. How many open questions, NEVS on Monday probably answered? Do you take me with you?

    • The flight is fully booked, unfortunately ;-)… And, yes, we want to ask some questions. Let's see what works and what answers we get.

      • Come on, Tom - make us the amber ...


  • Wow, I'm happy for you / you, that your work for SAAB will be appreciated by the invitation!
    Have fun in Trolltown!

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