SAAB is back!

30 months without production are over. Kai Johan Jiang has made a huge Christmas present to the worldwide Saab community. The first new Saab under NEVS direction ran today from the band.

Saab restart
Saab restart

Where should we start to tell? Too much information at once, too much good news. Today, we experienced the beginning of an exciting story up close. The first step and the start with the sports sedan is just a prelude. Yes, there will be more models. After the sedan followed with the first facelift sports and electric cars. The convertible then in step 3. And it will not stay with the market in China. Customers in Sweden can start 10. December order new Saab online.

But these are details, and there are many of those we will be telling in the next few days.

Most important: Today is a great day for the brand and its fans. The media interest was huge, NEVS-Saab did everything right, our brand is back!

A fabulous NEVS crew delivered a great program today! The new car, modified in 200 parts, feels good and is a typical Saab. Details will come tomorrow when we are back in Germany and, as promised, many, many pictures from the factory!
Saab has returned today to the circle of producing brands. A fantastic story after 30 months Sweden Crime! The Fun to Drive is back!

Text: Tom and Mark


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  • Slowly the first journalists are starting to screw up the press releases:

    Although the content is somehow correct, but in the way it was rearranged one comes to a very different result I think. Hopefully NEVS will manage to steer against it.

    Above all, distribution via the network or via Orio AB (SAAB Parts AB) has not yet been understood by some.

  • The plain black SAAB badge on the bonnet I like now really good.

    Yesterday I noticed a black, new A-class in a parking lot - uncomfortable. It had a historicized and multi-colored Mercedes-Benz badge on the hood front plus an oversized star centrally in the grill. The design was virtually the blatant opposite of the current SAAB front.

    I realize that I do not need the griffin and can do without red and blue well. It would be nice, if at some point good station wagons from SAAB to Germany would come. If an 9-3 III got a bit larger than the II, I could even get over the lack of 9-5 II.

    I look forward to the future of the brand SAAB. That she has one again, one may hope again with some justification.

  • For now, a big praise and a thank you, that you have upheld the flag SAAB until today.
    It is to be hoped that things will move forward again and that NEVS will be able to place the SAAB brand on the market again on a permanent basis.

    Information for all SAAB owners in the Salzburg area:
    In the Bavarian area, near Salzburg / Freilassing, there is an SAAB workshop with a specialist mechanic for SAAB, which still manages SAAB (Gaßner Angelika, 83040 Ainring). Many Saabisti know this anyway.
    Also in Upper Austria, in the Gmunden area, in 4663 Laakirchen - Oberweis near Gmunden an Traunsee - I can particularly recommend the Mairhuber company, which before the problems with SAAB also looked after and sold SAAB.

    I hope that SAAB is looking up, in this sense I would like to thank you again Tom ... I am looking forward to your next reports like an umbrella.

  • In Sweden, however, only 2000 copies may be sold because of the lack of pedestrian safety.
    At least that's what my colleague from Sweden told me. Well let's just wait and see ...

    • First of all, 2000 pieces have to be built. At the current> speed this will take a while. Somebody has to buy it too.

    • Interesting information, thank you! On which period? A total of ?

  • The former Saab dealers have currently signed a contract with Saab Automobile Parts AB / Orio AB. NEVS has no dealers.

  • Again yesterday:
    Whether Saab does a favor with offering its cars over the internet?

    I do not know if that pleases the (Swedish) dealers.
    And the buyers certainly need / want “official” workshops.
    Dealer and workshop together would certainly be a better solution, right?

    • Exactly these concerns I have too.
      In addition, the announced price of around 34.000,00 EUR seems a bit too high for me. Not that the SAAB would not be worth the price, but in order to gain a foothold in the lost market, the price would probably have to be below 30.000,00 EUR.
      At least it would have in my opinion, an introductory offer must be, if you then back to the market, you can also gently go up with the price. Of course, always in conjunction with an improvement in equipment and technology.

      • Distribution over the internet is the only reason for the current numbers for Nevs economic way before anyway soon modified models should follow. No printed brochures, no demonstration cars and all that one expects from the dealer. Other major manufacturers think so too. Nevs we sure have a plan when traders are involved.
        And the price is for Sweden, higher VAT. In addition, the strategy is unlikely to be about low prices but about quality.
        Once introduced low prices can hardly be increased (even if the customer is pleased €

        • So Daimler has been doing that as well recently. The margin goes to a competent dealer in Hamburg who delivers the cars Germany-wide, the cars are preconfigured with 4 models and not cheaper than the dealer to buy.
          The BMW i3 is also sold on the www. So why not ...

        • I have a similar view and think that online sales are actually well chosen. In the current situation, a local dealer would hardly generate any profit when selling a new car, and one saves him a discount battle. And every 9-3 newly sold online has to be serviced at some point ... the SaabParts / Orio contract partner benefits here, especially if they have earned a good reputation in the past. In relation to the German market, I would also consider it sensible to set the price for a well-equipped 9-3 AERO sedan below the 30HP threshold. But let us surprise ourselves…

  • It is finished! The first SAABs come from the newly started band under the direction of NEVS. Gorgeous! Effective immediately, savings will be made again in a targeted manner ... A great day, December 02.12.2013nd, XNUMX! And of course I am looking forward to more reports… ..the blog should stay, please !!!!!

  • My God, does the entire press, whether Stern, NTV, Spiegel, whatever ... have to print the same press image and the identical dpa text? Do they not have their own journalists who can produce two or three paragraphs of their own text?!? Sad ;-(

    • The simple copying of incorrect texts is unfortunately very common.
      At least someone seems to have noticed that this morning the printed edition reads "West Swedish" Trollhättan ...

      • It is not a write-off ieS, but they just buy officially finished messages from the press agencies instead of trying to find a journalist themselves. Common practice, unfortunately.

  • It was an impressive afternoon experience at the factory in Trollhättan. So far, I was very skeptical, but now on the trip home outweighed the optimism.

    According to the statement, Germany is at the top of the agenda and will be supplied as soon as possible. The production rate is initially around one SAAB per hour, but if more employees are on board, it should be increased slowly, then cars should also go to Germany. So it won't be long now ...

    The seats are probably the most noticeable change to the NEVS-SAAB, probably a new supplier ??? Very good leather, really good. The large headrests are necessary because they are not extendable.

  • SAAB is back.
    Congratulations to NEVS after Trollhättan!
    Hope for Kurt Wallander that he and his colleagues will soon be able to exchange the ugly VW crutches for real cars made by Trolls. No wonder poor Kurt has a serious alcohol problem when he tries to drink himself the Wolfsburg walking aids ...
    Stop by, Kurt !!! The therapy can start soon!

    • 🙂 That's exactly what I noticed on Sunday with watery eyes. Just like that! Thanks Klaus, that I'm not the only one who thought and think like that.

  • Even MDR Info briefly announced the start of production ....... Nice!

  • Heieieieiei !!!!! Now the production tapes are finally running again !!! Great thing!!
    We are obviously all more excited than certain journalists! But that does not cloud our enthusiasm at all !! And that's just as well.

  • Yes,
    I have to save now again.

  • Hooray ! It is certainly a nice thing that SAAB is still alive-no question! It's nice that the Swedes can order a car on the Internet from December 10.12.13th, 1, that is of little use to the other markets and our dealers and fans at first - despite all the euphoria! Obviously, not even the dealers in Sweden are number XNUMX when it comes to ordering. But we all want to go to the workshop. Given the current production figures, we can only dream of an EU purchase at the moment. let's wait - I wish all of us that there really will be better times again! Anyone reading the Swedish newspapers at the moment is very cautious.

  • Everything perfect press work. Finally you write something positive about our brand again. Only that with the 10 cars at the beginning was a bit ridiculous. The whole industry laughs. Others manufacture a lot every second ......

  • Just a good day for all of us who have remained faithful to the SAAB brand to this day !! And being invited to join Tom is a real thank you and respect for his tireless and objective reporting by (Saab) NEVS. Also a thank you from us Thuringian SAAB fans.
    I'm going to open a bottle of ROTKÄPPCHEN with my wife to celebrate the day and I'm sure to drink it too ... 🙂

  • God one more thing !!!!!

    When will the Dudenhöffer (which I could not stand from the beginning) finally learn that the SAAB was never dead and that we had the difficulties the SAAB had to owe only to Gangster Motors.
    Unfortunately, Mr. Bremer is not better either.

    But I'm not going to spoil the good fortune of those wannabe experts.
    They should please just keep your hands off our brand and keep their mustard in this regard for themselves.
    If they have no eye for top cars, they just have to stick to the pabulum.

    Now again for both "experts"


    • They see it from the point of view of the current facts. With 10 cars a week, a limited edition of about 3000 93N (for more, the existing Powertrains not enough) you can not make money.
      But Mr. Dudenhöffer does not see the strategy / vision of NEVS. Unlike Spyker, NEVS has (hopefully) the liquid assets / investors to re-position the Saab brand in the automotive sector.
      NEVS has not yet delivered utopian deep / unrealistic break even values ​​like Spyker (80.000 units).
      At the moment, the Saab construct cannot be rated at all. There is also no information on liquid funds, so far "the money has just been enough". Asians are at the helm here and no Western European logic. That doesn't fit into the Gelsenkirchen or Duisburg-Essen grid.
      But with his rating to Saab-Spyker he was right. The skepticism was appropriate then.

      • This is how I see it, too. This is not about quick western-style equity gains or market share. Here, according to Asian thinking, something is set up step by step and well thought-out. The mini-production of the 9-3 has more of a test character (supply chain, systems, customer interest?) And shows that SAAB will NOT stay dead - what a terrible German Mr. Dudenhöffer.
        The Chinese are not over yet, but they are already in the fast lane, as yesterday also the start to the moon has shown, Who has noticed something here before?

    • Well, not only the "experts" are annoying !!

      Anyone who places Trollhättan in northern Sweden is beyond help !! 😉

      "Initially, only ten vehicles a week will be built in the factory in Trollhättan in northern Sweden."

    • Oh well. I don't like the gentlemen either. But NEVS first has to catch up with the downtime of the plant, the restart planning and further development. Then you need a “well funded business plan” and quantities.
      After all, the Chinese owners have proved that they have brought the right people and partners on board and run again cars off the line. Suppliers are available and you can start in a small series (for whatever small series).
      NEVS has not worked with euphoric news haggling in the past. So far, they are the silent workers who pursue a goal. I think you have to give NEVS the time and let them show if they:
      - Can deliver the current 93N with electric drive, after all, a period has been mentioned here - unusual for NEVS.
      - Can deliver the current 93N with a non GM internal combustion engine / diesel
      - and show that they can deliver a successor under the ominous Phoenix platform
      - achieve the necessary quantities
      And then you can make a statement. Currently, Saab is still seen as a cheap bargain to produce cars (finished car available) to develop further and with a modern factory, the necessary test facilities. Cheaper the Chinese can not enter the market. But you can not see that in the pot.
      I just read across the university page of Mr. Dudenhöffer. My private opinion: The universities of Gelsenkirchen and Duisburg-Essen are probably not the focus of automotive science in Germany. The Center of Automobil Research already has “a real track record”. If I do that with work at Linköping University, it's not exactly comparable. The universities in Frankfurt or Rhein Main (Wiesbaden / Rüsselsheim) should also have more exciting work. There is always the question of which sponsors / research partners a university can win. Is the CAR in Duisburg-Essen?

  • How do the new seats feel?

  • Ohhh, it's like Christmas.
    I'm happy to be able to sign a contract for 2014 ... 🙂
    Thanks to the travelers for the quick info !!!

  • Have seen it live, even Tom and Götz were easy to spot!

  • Nice, that SAAB is back again (though not for us).
    Also good that in addition to e-cars also offers petrol and all 3 variants of the 9-3 (even if I personally pers. Would have a large station wagon).

    To the presentation today:
    The new headrests of the 9-3 look quite big. Does that have a special reason?

  • I'm curious what was changed!

  • The long wait has come to an end.This is more than Christmas! Joy reigns !!!!
    Thanks Tom for the reports!

  • Greetings to Sweden!

  • ... and the blog team for the second time on television. This time at SVT 🙂

  • After the press release, I suspected another action based on the motto “The mountain tears and gave birth to a mouse”, but this time at NEVS they really learned to have learned from the mistakes of the past. A beautiful car - including the new badge, a very successful rear section and the SAAB lettering on the notches of the headrests as a successful detail.

    Next to the car itself, the most amusing thing I found was how the minister was supposed to get behind the wheel ... why do German politicians never look like that? 😉

    • But these aluminum headrest holders ... who is responsible for them ... they don't fit at all ;-(

      • I think they fit quite well - from a certain vehicle class I would expect a little more than the obligatory, thin round bar. Sure, technically the whole thing may be questionable based on my previous knowledge, but from a visual point of view I find it absolutely appropriate.

  • Finally…. I saw it live on Swedish TV. Congratulations to NEVS. Great press station. It can carry on like this. A bottle of sparkling wine will definitely be opened tonight.

    • Also thanks to Heiko for the link. I turned it on at exactly the right time and was able to follow it live (including Tom & Co.) - very interesting!

  • Wonderful.
    It seems today the December sun over Northern Germany and so it is also with every SAAB fan!
    Thanks to you for not only informing us with the blog, but also keeping us “in line”! Thanks!
    I hope it was a "compensation" for your work that you were allowed to be there at this important date for SAAB!

    In any case, I am happy for you - and also for the fans that you were there as the representative of the German SAAB fan community.

    Nice and quiet trip home!

    Sunny greetings from Oldenburg


  • Thanks to you, Tom and Mark, for your initial assessments.
    Was also present live, as Sweden-TV4 and others could broadcast directly, the huge SAAB fan community could participate worldwide. We are all looking forward to your further reports. Have a safe trip home!

  • Have you followed live. Hopefully you bring home some more information.

  • Madness, I would not have thought so soon,

  • Can hardly wait for further reporting!

  • It is a great feeling to know that new SAAB rolls off the line again
    The brand was never really dead anyway, because a lot of SAAB still drive the streets of our world.

    But it is just good to know that there are also new Nail SAAB to buy.
    That's not the case with other car brands (NSU, Trabant, Wartburg, DKW, Pontiac, etc.)!

    Now Christmas can come 🙂

  • Sounds very good! Since I'm curious about your photo report !!

  • What can you say, the better always comes back!
    #good return #

  • Well, that reads very well. I wonder what else you can tell.

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