SAAB comeback. Photo Impressions Saab factory.

The last days had it for the fans of the small Swedish brand in itself. The first 9-3 under NEVS direction rolled off the line, and with Saab it finally goes up. For our readers there are some impressions from the work at the end of this week. Attentive observers, with an eye for details, will notice changes since the summer months.

Saab number 2
Saab number 2

These are images that are good for the Saab soul that has been plagued in recent months. There is a lot of traffic at the press shop, and the usual background buzz of heavy machinery is back in 24 months. Finally, I have to say! I missed it and therefore made my way around the work with Mark. NEVS has done a good job in shielding and closing almost all the gaps. Only at the press shop is one of the last visual axes open, and so you can track the traffic of forklifts and trucks.

There have also been changes to the main portal, the color has been redesigned. Instead of the old Saab blue - a relic from earlier days - subtle shades of gray dominate that harmonize well with the NEVS lettering. The Saab and NEVS flags, which blow in the wind at the noticeably better-filled staff car park, also take up this game of gray and white. It looks modern, timeless, noble.

Everything in production shines, the factory is meticulously clean. NEVS has invested a lot of money, everything looks perfect. We were able to follow the production of Saab number two live. While number one was partying, the silver 9-3 Aero slowly neared the end of the production line. The employees in production have been redesigned by NEVS. History is the gray, not particularly beautiful work suits of the GM era. At NEVS, details are important. The pants and sweaters are black and embroidered with “National Electric Vehicle Sweden” and “Saab” lettering.

This looks elegant, and the boundaries between the workers and employees, to make clear earlier, disappear more and more. This is more contemporary, harmonizing with the claim of the brand and with the products. It is said that it is Kai Johan Jiang who takes care of the small details and the perfection. Sounds good to me and fits in with how we experienced NEVS on Monday.

They are personalities that shape extraordinary products and companies. Maybe Kai Johan Jiang is one of those people, I would be happy. No wonder there are production workers wearing gloves. An expression of perfection. We can look forward to the new products!



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    As a Saab fan for 23 years, I say - good luck on the way!
    I hope for a 9-5 and a successful development!
    Thank you for the good and well-reflected reports about our favorite brand!

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    @ Helmut: Are you only having fun the last few days? 😉 I'm happy every day.

    When I see the pictures, I rejoice all the more that they build cars again. Even if the design is 2007, for me it is still one of the most beautiful shapes in the automotive industry. If one sees the uniformity of the German manufacturers or the sucked of the Japanese one can show no emotions. I look forward to the future with Saab and wish the creators only the best. You deserve it after the hard time.
    Saab is special because only special people drive her.
    Individualists with taste who do not use their vehicle as a status symbol.

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    Finally ... congratulations to NEVS / SAAB! The last few days it was fun again to drive my 22-year-old (or rather young?) 900 through the (partly wintry) landscape. The red 900 16V S Turbo in the factory's showroom shows that NEVS / SAAB has remembered SAAB's old virtues ... Everyone else have fun with their SAABs, whether old or young!

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    So please don't say anything against gray work clothes - my garage suit is also a gray man. Hm - let's see if the old SAAB suits show up on eBay.

    I think it is a good idea to build the press center with a view to the production, just after the months of catastrophic communication work a successful maneuver of the press department.

    By the way, is that just me, or is there an extraordinary number of women working in production? Or is the final inspection a female domain?

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      I think Tom wanted to express that the new employee clothing looks a lot more valuable, which looks more like current casual clothing. In contrast, the old, gray work clothes were a typical “boiler suit”.

      On your question of employment of female employees: I had the impression it was less than before. In the pre-GM era, there were 15-20%, who were actually employed in all departments, above average numbers also in the body shop. Due to the job cuts under GM, the proportion of women, according to my knowledge, decreased. In Sweden, however, women in factory buildings are a normal situation.

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        Exactly, away from the typical blue man, to stylish work

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    Well that's something to Nicholas! Thanks for the picture report! 8)

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    Thanks Tom for the nice post!
    I have to admit that I got a bit wet eyes when I saw the pictures!
    It's just great that it's finally uphill!
    And again a quick glance out of the office window and my 9³ in the parking lot to wave 😉

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    Congratulations to NEVS,

    Since they have really put together a nice complete package before they started production. This looks really professional and thought through from the beginning to the end, even if you pay attention to corporate identity. Hopefully this will also be noticeable to other people.

    The old SAAB work clothes are currently sold in Essen at the Motorshow

    Greetings Cetak

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    That's really good news for the weekend!
    And driving in the AERO is even more fun! 😉

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    Since 41 years, I am loyal to the SAAB brand. Now being produced in Trollhättan Saab`s is a great Christmas present!

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    A perfect story to kick off the weekend. The icing on the cake would of course be pictures of Saabs on the production line, which come rolled in "Amber Orange metallic" or "Monte Carlo Yellow" ...

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    Hi Tom,
    I look forward to every message from you in my mailbox!
    One can only say to Saab: Hope dies last !!
    I'm looking forward to the first new cars on our roads.

    Greetings Harald

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