SAAB News. Ordering system for Sweden online.

Today at 14: 00 Watch, the internet ordering system for new vehicles went online. Swedish customers can use it to order a Saab 9-3 Aero Sedan. The package that NEVS has put together around the 9-3 sounds convincing and is a possible outlook on what we might expect in the future.

Saab 9-3 model year 2104
Saab 9-3 model year 2104

Because the new car comes with a three-year guarantee, three years of maintenance up to 90.000 kilometers, two years of "Road Assistance" and an additional set of winter tires on aluminum rims. The vehicles are serviced by Saab dealers in Sweden. The price of the 220 PS Aero with 6-speed manual transmission is 279.000 kroner, the version with 6-speed automatic costs 10.000 kroner more. The equivalent of around € 31.300,00 for a very well-equipped vehicle with a convincing service package.

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Since in Sweden the VAT rate (MOMS) with 25% is higher than ours, the Saab would have to be cheaper in Germany. With a net price of 25.040,00 € plus VAT, the Germany price would be 29.797.60 €. In theory, of course. Because only customers resident in Sweden can order.

But under 30.000,00 € for a new Saab with very good equipment in Aero Trim, either in black or silver metallic. On top of that, there was the factory pick-up, the personal attention given by an employee of NEVS and the guided tour of the Saab Museum. A good start, I would say.

Trials will be possible from January, directly in Trollhättan. Because no customer and no motor journalist has yet tested the new edition.


Image: National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB

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  • The price seems to be hot ... a very good signal for fans of the brand! And the first week of production has already been sold, a crazy start! Congratulations to Sweden! If the local dealers are involved in the next year and carry out emotional events with SAAB, the order rate will continue to rise….

  • It seems to me that some are getting very cocky here ... SAAB just resumed production with a _small series_ a week ago. We can talk about special editions, a 16-bit color palette (;)) or the like from next year, when operations are properly resumed. For a "full-fledged" manufacturer, very simple, basic things are missing first, such as a dealer network, financing partner (I assume that up to now you have to pay in cash or set up private financing), a workshop network outside of Sweden, etc. These are things that are more important now.

    • Financing, leasing etc. is missing at the moment. Once again patience is required, but it is already noticeable forward. Trials in Trollhättan are possible from mid-January.

  • It's unbelievable that Saab is back and we're all looking forward to it. But does nobody notice that the grill of the hood to which in the apron does not fit at all?
    It looks as if the remains of Saab were combined with grilles from deer, transverse lamellas and rectangles ...
    Frankly, 10 orders, all respect, the first weekly production gone ... if this continues, the Chinese won't get any cars :-))

  • The first yield between the launch (14.00 clock) and 15.30 clock: 10 orders.

  • The beautiful thing about Saab and the owners of a Saab is that we do not care what others say !! And that makes it! Detached from a mass opinion, we enjoy our cars and do not have to be millionaires, great !!

    • Thank you for this good, honest and great comment. It should be exactly like this. GlG - Klaus.

    • Absolutely in a nutshell !!! It is exactly like that!

  • Unfortunately only 2 colors - how boring! Where's my laser red gone?!?! ??!?!

    • Yes, he should be more colorful from the update. Now you can still understand that you do not want to touch too many types of varnish for the small series. In addition to red, the Swedish national colors would be quite good. If you look at the parking lots today, it's usually a greyish monotony.

    • This must be changed at the latest at the CV. How about special ltd. Editions in special colors, Skyblue / Yellow / Red

    • At Henry Ford there was only one T-model ... So damn progressive!

  • Hello.
    Wait and see what the press finds for killer arguments ... they'll probably start where they left off in the last Saab new car test ...

  • Everything sounds very, very good for the beginning! Keep it up, mine is already over 4 years old, there must be a new one soon!

    • The older, the more valuable. Like old wine.

    • ………… .. I'm at eight years and 200.000 km, a little speed would be good!

  • Well, service only at workshops in Sweden can be problematic - but since you are not targeting the mass of buyers at the moment and only concentrating on the Swedish market, that's okay.

    I'm just looking forward to killer arguments in the tests, like "If you are over 1,95, you won't have much fun in the back seat."

    • It reminds something of the beginnings of Saab, when it was discovered that Swedes love to travel ... You will probably see it that way in Trollhättan too, and in the coming months a service network will be established across Europe.

  • A very good start, I would say - 90 years of construction are only planned for the picture-text ......

    • Well, after China the car could be presented on the Afghan market, where it would also be perceived as a new model, etc. In this way, it could perhaps be built until the specified date ... ;-).
      Joking aside, I think the price is okay, it's just a shame that I don't understand what's in it in terms of equipment…. Maybe Tom can help us?

        • Dear saab_owl!

          Many thanks for the quick help! The equipment seems, as far as I understand Swedish, to be pretty complete, the only thing I miss is a navigation system, which you can not even buy for an extra charge. Or am I wrong?

          • The 150 system can be exchanged for a retrofit system with, for example, a touchscreen navigation system. Looks like you want to use up the stock and maybe there is something new with the "update" (the antenna is already there)?
            It would be great if the system would then be backward compatible and provide a time signal for auxiliary heaters, but NEVS is looking forward.

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