SAAB day. The first orders - posters from Saab No. 01.

The first Saab 9-3 Aero are ordered, yesterday 15 orders arrived in Trollhättan. Even if it took more than an hour to the first orders, which some media commented accordingly; NEVS achieved a small moral success. Presumably, it would have been easier to populate the Swedish Saab dealership with demonstration vehicles, so that customers could have come across the traditional route to new cars. But that's not the point in Sweden yet.

Lennart Fahlgren and Jonas Hernqvist, Sales and Marketing Director
Lennart Fahlgren and Jonas Hernqvist, Sales and Marketing Director

NEVS is a company under construction, the structures need time to grow - there is still a long way to go before the brand. The first buyer is Lennart Fahlgren from Lidköping, who made a very special purchase and - yes - is somehow involved in the continuation of the Saab saga. It will be really exciting in January when the first test drives are possible. Registrations have been received, interest seems greater than expected, and only then will we find out how the new driver is actually driving. Because nobody outside of NEVS is currently in the picture of what has been changed in suspension and tuning.

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We in Germany can not buy a new Saab, not yet. But there is a poster of Saab number 1 that can be added to his Saab collection. After the first new Saab had run off the line, Till from SU in Trollhättan asked for approval for a poster print of the official picture. The release came by mail, which is a sign of how close NEVS is to the base.

Saab number 1 as a poster
Saab number 1 as a poster

The first new Saab poster can be ordered at Tills shop. Beside Saab number 1 there are more posters, calendars and wrapping paper and many good ideas for all fans.


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  • Thanks Tom.
    Competent as always

  • Hello Tom

    Could you include the poster in your shop or at least organize a bulk order?
    That would be much easier because I (and certainly not one or the other here) of English is not so very powerful.

    I would like to hang this poster on the wall.

    • You have mail

  • I think it's nice to read that the buyer of the "first" Saab can also be published. Some are very particular about it.

    To the car dealerships I have one more question:
    How has Saab used to behave towards car dealerships in the past and is there any assumption as to how it could become now?

    With this question I am referring to actions a la Audi, such as "VW and Audi from now on separate and new furniture for the Audi part", a little later "From now on audi centers in hangar construction", a little later still "From now on only Terminal-style audio centers and hangar-style audio centers are just about grandfathered ”. So the arbitrariness of some marketing people that is at the expense of the car dealerships.

    Otherwise I have to honestly say. If NEVS only had a handful of partners in Germany, I would also take longer routes (I live in Zwickau / Saxony) - it would be the same for me at Lexus - to be able to call a Saab my own. Of course, I hope that the Zimpel & Franke Group will also be involved in building up the dealer network in Germany.

    Oh, before I forget it - topic test drive:
    Do you have the possibility to test a new Saab with acquaintances in Sweden, so that you can write a preliminary test or a driving report? That would be upper class, of course, but I do not know if at all possible.

    Greetings from Christian from Zwickau

    • Hej Christian, there is a letter from NEVS to the German dealers who hint that they will take these partners on board again. Excerpts will be published in the next few days so that the community is up to date. On the subject of test drive: I do not think that we will have the opportunity to drive a vehicle of the first edition, then these vehicles are only for China and Sweden. With the update it becomes more interesting, then more markets are added and the vehicle is upgraded. Then Mark and I are definitely there.

      • Thanks for the answer Tom. I'm really looking forward to the next texts, because yesterday (the first time, mind you = D) I stopped at the former Saab dealer in Zwickau (Zimpel & Franke - today "only" Saab parts dealer) and asked whether there is something to be learned about the bush radio. Unfortunately I couldn't be told any news that I didn't already know from you guys.

        Just thought, since you seem to be in Sweden often, you have Swedish friends who have already ordered a Saab of the first series. No matter, because I'm personally more interested in the update anyway.

        But as the saying goes: "Time will come, Conrad" (or something like that)

        In this sense, have a nice 3. Advent and best regards from Christian from Zwickau

  • so we have relatives in Sweden 🙂 I'm waiting for the E-Kombi and I'm looking forward to it ...

  • What is somehow close to my heart. The air conditioning ... this should not be able to be switched on as before with the option of three switch-on times.
    It would certainly be useful if the air conditioning with a remote control in operation or could operate. There is also a group of people who uses the SAAB daily at very different times.

  • That's good as the sale starts. Overall, the approach of NEVS is always more sympathetic. Everything happens without hassle and pressure.
    Also, I find it an advantage that the previous model 9-3 was chosen with the well-known engine for the introduction. For the buyers, it is such a proven, good car, for the dealers, who will later perform the maintenance, there are no great surprises.
    The whole production and the sale are aimed at not selling to the customer anything that was born through marketing, but to consider real needs. Not only sustainability is written here, but also lived.
    I think we will take the SAAB into the future with every step we take, something more can be enjoyed

  • Congratulations to Mr. Fahlgren from the bottom of my heart!
    Enviable !!!
    Yes, somehow he is writing a piece of SAAB history with it ...

    The poster is ordered, comes immediately to the office.

  • Great ! ! !

    NEVS seems to bring back the brand very carefully and thoughtfully. Also in the distribution channel you have m. E. For the beginning, everything was done right.

    In any case, the remaining SAAB dealers have been SAAB service centers and SAAB used car dealers for several years now. For many, the new car business did not play a major role economically for some time before the last bankruptcy. Also, they would make no profit on demonstration cars, which they would have to take over as new cars but only sell them as used cars. However, it helps them (at least the Swedish), when 3.000 more vehicles come on the streets, for which they can take over service and repairs.

    Test drive at the local dealer?

    The planned first edition will go away, I think. Precisely because NEVS has chosen direct sales and probably could only lace such a high-quality package (AERO) at a favorable price. Also, the car of the target group is so well known. Changes compared to the last produced model year were kept within narrow limits.

    The sobriety and factual restraint with which NEVS brings the brand back, I find impressive, appropriate and very pleasant.

    Does anyone really know whether the engine is BioPower or pure petrol?

    • Hello Herbert, it is a pure gasoline engine. E85 does not matter in China, we were told.

  • 15 orders are really something ... if 2 are built a day. I think everyone is waiting for a new SAAB 9.3 III - then the numbers will certainly fit. For me a convertible and a station wagon, please - THANK YOU!

  • Congratulations to Lennart Fahlgren! Ordered SAAB No. 1 is impressive! With this, Lennart gets the new SAAB-NEVS story rolling ... His action also shows TRUST in the brand: Purchase WITHOUT a test drive! What SAAB puts on the wheels has a perfect road location AND is worth the price! A great Christmas present !!! Have fun with it!

  • When you consider the circumstances, it looks very good. Everything is back to the beginning. But trust in the brand and demand seems to be there. Congratulations to the first buyer.

  • Congratulate Lennart Fahlgren who has made a great Christmas present!

  • ..Lennart, I envy you! Have a good trip in the brand new SAAB!

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