Survey. Autobild to Saab production start.

A current survey on the Saab production start in Sweden is running on Autobild. It's about whether the small cult brand from Trollhättan has a chance or whether the brand is “clinically dead”. Saab is very alive in our eyes. Perhaps more vital and active than some other brands that have a seamless production history.

Autobild Saab vote
Autobild Saab vote

We Saab fans should vote and show that we stand behind our brand. So far, stand 10.48 clock, it looks pretty good. Here it goes to Autobild vote.


11 thoughts on "Survey. Autobild to Saab production start."

  • I also think that Saab gets a real chance.

    The report in “Autobild” where one writes:…. Initially, only ten vehicles a week are to be built in the factory in Trollhättan in northern Sweden.

    Trollhättan = northern Sweden?

    Greetings from SH

  • What shoud that?! I do not care what keeps the mass of Saab !! I am happy that there is a future for Saab! And find those who have shown patience and hope to be rewarded now!

  • 1443 for 🙂, tendency rising…. Greetings from Thuringia

  • do you have a link to it so that all Saab friends can vote ???

  • Moin
    Already 949 and 71%!
    And I have, I think, 2x already agreed?

    Beautiful WE


  • Already 934!

    And just the fact that AUTOBILD is even concerned with SAAB is already a signal that SAAB is really back!
    Because even before the bankruptcy, when SAAB was still producing normally, almost never wrote about SAAB!

  • How should we rate a vote that we, the Saab fan community, falsify ourselves. I think none of the net-active Saab fans should have voted. That is the only way we would see exactly what other people think about our beloved car brand.

    But who believes in the results of Internet polls, is beyond saving.

    • Oh please, of course the Saab community has the right to vote, just like any other grouping. Should we be silent when it comes to our hobby, or how should we see that? You can vote against it

  • and now it's almost 830

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