SAAB day. New entry and Saab service first class

Apparently, the Saab brand does not let anyone go who once drove a Saab. My friend Achim joined the Saab 9-5 in Wolfsburg a few years ago. At some point then came a Saab 9000 as a hobby and supplement to the product from Lower Saxony. And now the vehicle was replaced by the Mittellandkanal against a Saab 9-3 TTID Aero. Good choice, I would say!


Not that the Passat was not a good car. We traveled often as a couple and he was economical, fast and reliable. But also a little bit down and no Saab. Presumably, the blog is not entirely innocent of the change, nor our common Saab hangar. And of course I was with purchase and test drive with it

Except for a rattling of the tailgate, he is very satisfied with the Swede. The draft is ingenious, the electric seats with two-tone leather first cream, the fun factor considerably higher than in the Passat Diesel. To eliminate the annoying noise at the tailgate and to have some programming done, it went to the Carl-Benz-Strasse to Frankfurt / Main, where he is already a customer with his Saab 9000.

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There, on historic Saab Terrain, Gerard Ratzmann and his team have been repairing and maintaining the vehicles of our brand for almost 2 years. Problem described, problem solved! The tailgate is without rattling noise, the reprogramming is done quickly. Then drove the Saab through the in-house car wash, that's it. The price? "Customer service" says Gerard Ratzmann to my friend Achim, who is not used to so much customer orientation from the brand from Wolfsburg. As a thank you there is a contribution for the Kaffeekasse.

Saab Service Frankfurt has shown that first-class service does not have to be tied to new cars. But also for not quite new vehicles applies. I like these stories, these little success stories. They make the Saab day more pleasant, let us know that some workshops are still passionate about the brand.

Therefore: Thank you to Frankfurt! You made my day!



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  • There I bought my Saab 9-3. Very happy

  • That's what makes the difference - it's great that there are still these workshops. Hope this can also be saved under new leadership in the future. Wish your friend that he continues to make the same good experiences with our brand and always good drive.

    And many, many thanks for this special and tireless commitment

    Tack så mycket - hejdå

  • Can someone tell me something about service at saab in Dresden and / or Leipzig?

    • Was once in DD because there professional for a few months. I can only recommend.

    • So I can say nothing to Leipzig, but there was in Halle / Saale times a really good service (as was often described here Saabspirit! - I mean Saab Hübner, or something like that). I would like to summarize my experiences with the Saab center Dresden as follows: I drive SAAB TROTZ, not because of the mobile forum ...

  • @ 1 40 ×

    Is that satire or serious?
    I can not complain about the service in DD since 12 years,
    so far, everything has worked out so far.

    Greetings Andreas

    • Hi Andrew,

      The question was already mine. But I have to say that I do not (yet) belong to the circle of saab owners.

  • Such a SAAB 9-3 TTID AERO, as the above would be right for my wife, like without AERO.
    Let's see what we can do next year.

  • TTiD = high "fun factor" with a range of good 1100 KM per tank filling! At 1300 KM range, the "fun factor" is a bit lower, but still TRULY! Good buy tip!

    • 1100 km is surprisingly far, with my TTiD goes to 850-880 km the fuel warning lamp, with only 58 l tank volume not surprising. 6,4 l practice consumption is not bad either

  • Excitement? Yes, if not the yellow environmental zone plaque despite Euro 3 diesel ....

  • Very nice Christmas present, GOOD RIDE and have fun with it.
    Even if it is an old car for the German "experts", it looks much fancier and timeless than a Passat or other VAG products - SAAB.

  • and the adaptive headlights I would like to mention extra! Herrlich !!! I am always happy when I leave a BAB in the dark and can use the exit perfectly lit up ... ..
    And not as "cheap / prollig", as a respectively switched fog lights ... ..

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