SAAB News. Leather dashboard for the Saab 9-3.

It's good news coming from Vienenburg. Probably it is not enough time for a Christmas present, but it is the anticipation that counts. Saab partner Stephan Individual will soon be supplying not only the leather interior sets for the Saab 9-3, but also leather dashboards.

Carbon leather dashboard Saab 9-3
Carbon leather dashboard Saab 9-3

The leather version gives the 9-3 the value in the interior that it would have earned ex works. The cockpit becomes classier, feels better, just looks fancier. Both the nappa leather and carbon leather versions will be available - initially in a limited edition. The customer is spoiled for choice, the taste decides. Installation is possible in all 9-3 variants from model year 2007.

Stephan Individual fortunately closes a gap that Hirsch Performance has left - with a lot of commitment. The Swiss, formerly the provider of individual accessories, are sold out and will not produce any parts until further notice. The price for a dashboard in carbon or nappa leather is € 695,00 plus shipping.

Lot of money? Maybe maybe not ! Our experience shows: Passengers in our Saab 9-3, who don't know what to do with the brand, keep stroking the carbon leather dashboard with their hands. "How nice, even the dashboard is made of leather ...”You can then hear. What do we learn from this? The joy remains, even if the price has long been forgotten.

In addition, there are still in Vienenburg the Interieursets for Convertible, Combi and limousine from model year 2003. The sets consist of door handles, handbrake lever and smartslot cover with leather and stitching. The kits are of high quality and are made by a well-known supplier, who also supplied Hirsch with goods. Recommended? Definitely!



11 thoughts on "SAAB News. Leather dashboard for the Saab 9-3."

  • And also for the new 9-5-he is interested !!!

  • More would be done here if there were some for my 900 ... (forget the boards from the USA for 100 US dollars, just cheaper plastic as far as I know)

  • Moin PhiBo.

    You're right.
    Of course, all the seats are invariably over the seats. And the drink holder often triggers happy smiles.

    And a die-hard “eternal” BMW driver once asked me whether I had retrofitted / converted the inside of the car or whether everything is / was already “standard” (completely normal 9-5SC Arc from 2002 with large navigation touchscreen, rocker switches for automation, seat ventilation, audio steering wheel operation, telephone preparation, etc.). He didn't want to believe that….

  • Hi Tom

    Looks nice, but I would be happy if this would also be the case for the MY03-06….

    LG Joachim

  • So far I have received few comments about cheap plastic, but everyone is always happy about the space and the comfortable seats. And the cup holder triggered a real play instinct in my boss ...

    Nonetheless, the leather looks more elegant, preferably in a dark / light combination ... a successful thing, I would say.

  • Hello.

    Looks great!

    Too bad that there is not much more for old 9-5'er there.
    (Well, I can't improve that much inside on my old packhorse anyway) 😉

    In general, I never really understood why Saab sometimes used plastic that looked and felt so “cheap” (many friends always criticized them immediately when they were in the Saab).

  • And 2 months ago I ordered the leather dashboard (of only sufficient quality) from the well-known French supplier ... what a shame. 🙁
    But great for all others who do not have such a part yet. The parts of Stephan Individual are of excellent quality.

  • fine, fine. Still tie central console and glove box (the strip there) and I'm doing as a customer.

  • I ordered the leather set for my convertible. The difference is huge. The feel of the handles when closing the door is always a great feeling. The 330, - € are well invested!

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