Survey. Would we buy this car? - Result.

Our reader survey was a first test. A week ago, we asked how the new edition of the Saab 9-3 was received by the community. And we would buy this car - if we could order it. The result, quite frankly, amazed me a little. Because it's more positive than expected, and my initial fears didn't come true. After all, more than 90% of readers could imagine buying a new Saab.

SAAB 9-3 Aero ... to buy or not ...
SAAB 9-3 Aero… buy it or not…

We are not undecided ...

Almost 700 visitors have voted and only a small percentage are undecided. Actually, I expected more reservations, because NEVS is a newcomer. But trust, perhaps a result of the calm, unagitated work in Sweden, seems to be in front of the new owners. After all, they did it and brought the plant out of deep sleep after 458 days.

Please not without my Saab dealer ...

There is this term of “brand experience”. Car companies around the world employ experts who are supposed to create the brand experience for their customers. How do we perceive the brand, how do we experience Saab - this question is quite easy to answer. Saab has its own culture, this includes the community, this includes the dealers. Because Saab has always been the small brand, the underdog. It seems to be natural that cohesion among small interest groups is particularly strong, we experience it daily on the blog. Or when visiting a dealer. If, for example, a Franconian Saab partner as a customer asks you to have lunch with the Saab crew, of course self-cooked and sometimes typically Franconian, this is not normal for a car dealership. But typically Saab and thus a piece of brand culture.

Saab customers want to buy their new car from the Saab partner, say 45% of the readers. What in turn also shows that one or the other would order over the Internet. Maybe there will be a mixture of Internet distribution and traditional dealer business in the future. Order via mouse click, delivery via the Saab partner, which is paid for by the manufacturer.

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And with more equipment options - please ...

Clearly more options 29% want. Which also includes more body variants. But also more accessories, colors, leather, sound systems. No easy wish. Because the trend in Trollhättan is to keep equipment versions clear. For more on well or very well equipped vehicles. Moreover, this is heard repeatedly in discussions, the trend is towards more high-quality materials in the interior. NEVS has apparently understood. Saab is a traditional European brand that can be carefully and upwardly developed. To what extent you will combine small quantities with more individuality and equipment variants, that is an exciting question for the future.

Poll: Buy Saab or not ...
Survey: Buy Saab or not ...

Every fifth reader would definitely buy ...

You should hold your breath for a moment ... 20% of blog readers have no doubts about NEVS and the new, old product. Absolutely unusual, because after all, no one has ever tried the car. And hardly anyone sat in the new Saab. A sign of strong loyalty to a brand that has suffered negative press and business crime for many years. Is it the hard core that would definitely order? Is it the readers who would drive Saab, just Saab and nothing else?

After all, twice as many readers would certainly buy, as visitors to the blog would categorically exclude a purchase.

But 9% would not buy ...

An interesting thing. Because not only Saab drivers read and comment here, but also a growing number of alumni. The Saab world is small and manageable, and so the blog team knows the background of some readers. Some are no longer in the Saab, but in the Volvo, Audi or BMW. One or the other also in the Jaguar. That number is growing. Nevertheless, they read along and comment on the development. Their share of the readers can be estimated at 20-25%, significantly more than the 9% of the votes cast.

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Nevertheless, the alumni remain weighed and do not rule out the change back to the Trollhättan brand. Why? Maybe it's because some did not quite voluntarily change the make. Who has migrated in the last 12 months, who had already experienced a lot with Saab and kept the brand loyalty for a long time. But occupational constraints such as corporate fleets that do not accept used Saabs take their toll. And so some people involuntarily drive in the foreign make and get wet eyes when he sees a Saab.

Oops, we ordered in Sweden ...

Seven readers have ordered in Sweden, says the survey. Do we want to believe it? Or were they jokers claiming to have ordered a Swedish straw man? At least I know one reader who is seriously working on his Saab project and wants to get a new 9-3 from Sweden. In April 2014 it could be ready, but it is certainly not.

Two things we learn from the survey ...

Of course, surveys on the Internet always show only the trend, so should not be overstated. Very strong this time he goes in two directions. First, NEVS seems to have hit the Saab community's nerve after initial skepticism, and many sympathies are on the side of the new owners. That's good.

And secondly, a large number of readers want to buy their new Saab through the dealers. That too is good and a confirmation that our Saab partners are indispensable and have done a good job in recent years.





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  • Yes, that's how I understood the question. My NO did not refer to NEVS in general, I can wait without pressure on a suitable model.

  • I also kept it out of the way, firstly because I am well looked after with the 9-5II and our three other Saab vehicles and secondly because I recently had a 9-3II with facelift as a replacement car (ttid aero) and if the interior design (a lot krizliges Plast) then was glad to get back into the 9-5. Internet would not be the problem as a new company car, the size of the 9000er or 9-5 already desired. Or as a substitute for the convertible, the e-variant. The 9-7x may safely dig through the construction site sludge for a while. In short, the 9-3 is not an option for me at the moment, but before I had to resort to a third-party brand I would certainly strike.

  • I also voted not to buy. But based on the now produced car. I'm waiting and I'm curious about the update, because if I buy a new one, then I would like to see something else (and if it is only in the interior) than I have now! And that does not matter to me, because I still like and keep my current one

  • I also just read the article with Boing and SAAB: Even though this is not about NEVS-SAAB, the name SAAB is positive in the press again, which can positively influence NEVS in some way!

    SAAB is talking again !!!!!

  • I only related the “options” in question 2 to the currently only 9-3 Griffin model from NEVS, which I would not buy. I would not have understood “station wagon” as an option for this vehicle. As a driver of a deer 9-3 Bio-Power Sport station wagon, I am waiting for NEVS to soon offer a new station wagon for the German market that I would buy one day. So I would like to increase the positive result of question 1 to 304!

  • I already suspected 😉 Maybe something will happen in this regard in 2014 ...

  • Then I'll contribute to the education and admit to being one of the jokers ...

    Seriously, if I did not have to visit a Swedish workshop for each inspection and the financing would come together, then the utility vehicle would be quite conceivable for me.

  • Naturally. NEVS is not listed on the stock exchange but privately owned.

  • I think it's Saab AB.

  • Excuse me. But I am also the Uli Hoeness of the Saab World 😉

  • Spoilsport!

  • But this is Saab aircraft, because of the JAS 39 Gripen sale to Brazil, right?

  • Hey guys, Saab stock has gone up over 30% today.

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