SAAB day. Saab-Cars calendar 2014 landed.

Today, the ordered Saab-Cars calendar 2014 were in the mail. Just in time for Christmas and a positive surprise. Because we were not promised too much at the announcement. The non-profit project of Patrick and the users of the forum is very Saabisch and with a lot of love very high quality.

Saab Cars calendar 2014
Saab Cars calendar 2014

It's probably the most beautiful Saab calendar of the year, which of course is my subjective opinion. One of the two calendars goes on a journey to a Saab friend in Japan, the other stays with me. Saab lovers who do not yet have a calendar for 2014, can reorder here. The lab still has a small reserve for fast-paced fans.

The calendars are worth far more than the asking price and can be absolutely recommended. At this point my thanks again to Patrick, who invested a lot of time and heart in the project. And immediately the request to start a project for 2015 next year 😉….



4 thoughts on "SAAB day. Saab-Cars calendar 2014 landed."

  • ... to be honest, it was definitely not because of the photo quality. think that the motives played a bigger role, and possibly the regulars' tables. But the old calendars will soon be history and the new one on the wall. Thanks also to past and present makers!

  • Hello, I have the calendars already on the wall, now you can be admired by my Christmas visits and who knows, probably. is hidden among admirers a new SAAB fan.

    Thanks again to the calendar team.

  • Damn it, you got ahead of me - I was just about to start a blog post about the calendar. 😉

    What I'm particularly happy about this year's calendar: that the new car faction took our nagging seriously, finally got their asses up and pulled themselves up to take good pictures. They were a bit underrepresented in the previous calendars. Now they can finally be presented. 🙂

    I think, with the calendars the forum really must not hide.

    Thanks to Tobi (who initiated the calendar and took care of it for many years) and Patrick (who put another shovel on it this year).
    We would also like to thank the museum that contributed to the image rights - we would like to acknowledge that.

  • Hey there!
    I got the calendar on Wednesday! 🙂 It's absolutely worth the money!

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