SAAB News. Hirsch Performance reports back.

Good news came again at the end of the year, this time from Switzerland. The previous Saab factory tuner Deer performance logs back and puts back many products that were not available for a long time.

Hirsch 19 "rim
Hirsch 19 ”rim

For the Saab 9-3 sports estate, the reissue of which will take a while yet, a bridge spoiler for the tailgate is already available in small quantities. The sedan can be refined with a rear spoiler, either in Jetblack Metallic or Diamond Silver. The six-piece leather interior set, consisting of four door handles, hand brake lever and Smartslot cover is from the 1. Quarter 2014 be available.

It takes a little longer for the Hirsch sports steering wheel to be back in the program. It also fits in the new Saab 9-3 from model year 2014 and for all other 9-3 from model year 06 and will be available in the 2nd quarter of 2014. The comeback of the 19 ”Hirsch alloy wheels is also being planned.

For the time being only small quantities will be produced, and all new deer parts will also fit into the vehicles of the model year 2014. The prices and the products are not yet listed on the Hirsch homepage, a call to the Saab partner could help.

For all Saab models from model year 2008 and older, there will be a 2014% discount on the offered performance enhancement software from January 50. Saabs of model years 2009 and 2010 can be upgraded with 30% discounted software. The purchase is made as usual via the authorized Hirsch and Saab partners.

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All this sounds good, a positive signal, Hirsch is back on board. A small dose of driving pleasure is guaranteed for Saab fans in the future as well. By the way, also for customers in China, who for several weeks on the Chinese deer side can order their performance enhancement and their accessories. Only one question remains: will Hirsch have the status as a factory tuner in the future or not? We'll probably get the answer this year.


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8 thoughts on "SAAB News. Hirsch Performance reports back."

  • Also just want to ask, who cares about the old 9-5?

    • This really looks a bit bleak. Hirsch still has some parts in stock, including the very first 9-5. Maybe there will be more here soon on the blog. Anyone looking for the chrome glasses for Hirsch sport steering wheel or deer carbon leather interior can send me an email

  • It seems to me more or less as if this is a company that hangs its flag after the wind. Cars were so far enough that they wanted to be tuned. There were no parts as you had to learn for yourself. In any case, I will think about whether I make my sour money there. There are also Maptun etc. that have continued to produce despite production stoppage and bankruptcy.

    • Well, FA. Styling deer as a traitor is not that easy, is it?

      With such an emotional consideration and way of thinking, Maptun could also be charged with offering parts and tuning for the “archenemy”. And vice versa, it could be seen as a sign of Hirsch's loyalty that they understood their field of business - despite all difficulties and uncertainties - consistently as one exclusively geared towards SAAB and its drivers ...

      The fact that Hirsch acts cautiously and does not produce on heap is their good law and economically more than comprehensible. Finally, we offer and offer subtle customization and performance tuning that complies with factory warranties and strict technical regulations in various national markets. Always one had thereby predominantly young and above all new vehicles (!) In the visor, which were hijacked from SAAB dealers often from the outset decried.

      Hirsch experiences fluctuations in the new registrations (or even completely absent) therefore without delay and suffers them economically. In fact, Hirsch flutters like a flag in the wind, which pulls through Trollhättan's halls and sweeps over the production lines. To reproach the SAAB pet tuner is actually a vulgarity.

      The approach, target group and market segments of the companies Maptun and Hirsch can hardly be more different. Much of what Maptun offers is only "homologated" according to the lax Swedish standards and, as far as I know, needs an individual acceptance in Germany or is not eligible from the outset.

      Maptun has always been aimed primarily at used SAAB after expiration of the factory warranty, with which tuning-crazy young people in Sweden everywhere black stripes on streets and parking lots leave and want to measure from time to time with a high-powered Mercedes or BMW.

      Maptun can just rely on mums and dads to sell their 9000s or old 9-5s at some point or to give them away to the youngsters and that one or the other would like to tune the thing as a “sleeper” with around 500 hp or even on big slippers places, spoiled all around and papered with additional instruments, stickers from mineral oil companies, shock absorbers and tire manufacturers ... just everything that teenagers in Sweden do on long winter nights in the barn with their SAABs, VOLVOs and old tractors ...

      Unlike Hirsch, Maptun was not hit hard by the SAAB bankruptcy and the production break. A comparison of apples with pears would be more legitimate.

  • But who supplies something for the interior of the new 9-5 again?

    • Hirsch still provides some interim parts for the 9-5 II without HUD. Not more right now.

      • And I'm looking for something with HUD

        • Call Saab Service Lafrentz in Kiel. They can certainly get something with HUD. Good luck

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