Blog internally. Saab travel guide Trollhattan update.

Our Travel Guides for Saab and Trollhättan has experienced a strong update in the last few days. Because a lot has changed since the release. Restaurants have closed or been rebuilt, and new tips have been added.

Trollhattan in the winter
Trollhattan in the winter

The most striking changes were in the stable backa. The plant “lives” again and cars are built. Currently in small numbers, but from spring 2014 but with increasing production figures. New companies have also settled around Saab, in the former Powertrain complex.

We reveal how to fan lunch with Saab employees and where the Swedish king goes for elk hunting. Trollhättan and the Västragötland are worth a trip, not only because of Saab. Our Travel Guides, with clear Saab focus, helps with travel planning. Because the next Swedish summer is coming!