Saab press. Autobild classic about Per Gillbrand Mr. Turbo.

He left Saab because he couldn't get used to the GM mentality. And he worked for Volvo for many years. For the fans, he's still called “Mr. Turbo ”is the face behind the engine development of our small cult brand from Trollhättan. Per Gillbrand is a legend, not only in Saab circles.

Autobild Classic - February issue
Autobild Klassik - February edition

The February edition of Autobild Klassik dedicated four pages to the former Saab engineer. The new booklet is very “turbo heavy” and therefore worth reading. I will tell you more about the new edition, why you should buy and read it, about the author of the article and about Per Gillbrand on our Saab Youngtimer Blog.



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  • Hallo,

    Autobild Klassik is currently one of the best in terms of price / performance that you can get on the German-speaking market. I subscribe to several magazines from the classic area, Messrs. Wieland and Steiger do a really good job. The booklets are usually very informative and have a lot of content, there is actually nothing to complain about. One looks in vain for such reports in other papers (Porsche 911, Pagoda and the like in a continuous loop). The magazine has often reported very informatively about Saab in the last two years; in my opinion, comparisons with other papers by the publisher are not justified. In addition, you have to see the reports from the perspective of a “non-Saab fan”, as a fan you usually already know half or more of what's in it. I found the article nice to read and how you get the idea that it would have been copied remains a mystery to me ...

    Best regards!


  • Hello Tom!
    I take everything back and still stick with it. That's how I could describe it. Yes, maybe I was just too frustrated by the poverty. Therefore, it is not right to write poorly researched, at least with the report on Per Gillbrand, I am wrong, because of course you cannot give a comprehensive report on life and life's work on the few lines. Something like that comes out, mostly showmanship, that's the style of the publisher. Objectively, one cannot say whether there is good research behind it, the author could not prove it at all, given the brevity of the text. I'll take that back! Per Gillbrand was one of the most important minds behind Saab in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Nothing comes of that. Sure, it's nice to be able to read about a Swede in Germany, but what does someone take away who didn't know anything about Saab and who doesn't know Mr. Gillbrand? I do not expect praise, but information so that I can get an idea, in this case from Mr Gillbrand. The article does not even remotely achieve that and is actually a shame about the paper used.

    Yes, Tom I expect no positive reports about Saab, but factually correct. We both probably have different views. I'm not head of Saab's PR department, just curious and curious. That's my claim, that's what I fix my rating for. Therefore, I do not look at the publications from the point of view of a PR person.

    Overall, I would say, makes this leaflet on me, is paid by VW and so it is not noticeable, may also appear a few exotics. The article on charging is not even a rough overview. To write about Turbo and not to mention Saab has nothing to do with factual reporting. For a rundown of turbo development in Central Europe, just include May Turbo, Porsche Turbo, BMW 02 Turbo and Saab Turbo. And when charging just the Comprex of Opel. Such articles as in the current Autobild Klassik, which they can publish in the Brigitte or pharmacy review.

    I could go on with the poor Bulli article and ...

    The well-known author should rather seek a decent publisher !!!

    Sometimes it is better not to be mentioned, this book damages the reputation of Saab more than that it uses the mention.

    Is my personal and subjective opinion.

  • Servus each other,

    Now, as an oldie, I also add my mustard, as I read the national and international motor press since 40 years quite intensively.

    I agree with the quality of the “normal” Bild newspaper, but apparently there are many interested consumers. To each his own ...

    In the case of Auto Bild Klassik, however, I have to say that the selection of topics is always quite extensive and that “foreigners” are dealt with relatively objectively. With the classic edition of the “Auto Zeitung”, which has been available for about three years, things look very different. As in the current tests of the “Auto Newspapers”, the foreigners in the so-called “comparisons” are always used to show how good the products of the VW-Audi etc. family are. Simply corrosive.
    But blame yourself who believes in such a cramp. Ultimately, there are always the sums for advertising behind it, whether and, above all, how well or objectively is reported about a car manufacturer.

    But in France it looks almost as "objective", here too, of course, domestic manufacturers are favored - they invest more in advertisements than the non-French manufacturers.
    This type of reporting can be observed not only in the case of cars, but also in the capital goods industry. Money is everything ...

    So see everything a little “cooler”! In comparison tests, take the “local bonus” into account when awarding points with a deduction of 20%, then the end result is more objective and the world is all right again for the losers, both in D and in F.

    “Comparative tests” with Saab-NEVS will soon follow, where the crocodile tears that have been shed so far over the alleged death of Saab are quickly forgotten and the poor old 9-3 is beaten. So just read about it and throw it into the thoughtful circular filing.

    Incidentally, I found the article on Per Gillbrand not bad, I got him then in his Saab time (that was about 1999) in an individual tour of the factory for us then meet three visitors personally (our press representative for S is 300 meters next to the Saab Museum, realize that it's only going to the museum before the work begins

    Greetings from Uli

  • Because the “good man” is not responsible for the layout of the magazine.

  • If the good man really has so much left for SAAB, why does SAAB not even appear on a picture in the article and on the illustrated front page?

    Whether Bild-Zeitung or AMS - the national manufacturers from Germany are always the best. Downright ridiculous!

  • Well Detlef ... The author, I know him very well, was on site at Gillbrand, is very Saab-oriented and is very committed to our brand. We owe him many, very positive, Saab reports in Autobild and in the Swedish press. He's done a lot for Saab and I think you're really wrong ... which is a shame.

  • A good decision. I looked at the paper, really, journalism does not get any worse.
    Very superficial report on Per Gillbrand, where is it written off? This question is obvious when reading.
    Then the report on turbocharged cars and other types of charging. From Saab no trace in the article and also other missing, z. B. Opel Senator with Comprex pressure wave loader.

    Bildzeitung remains just Bildzeitung, no matter whether the car or whatever project. Badly researched, with no background and a few colorful pictures.

    For such sub-press one should make no advertising.

  • Sorry without me! I live a life on without "Springer-Presse"!
    Kind greeting

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