SAAB News. "... as long as you drive a Saab".

From Switzerland - recorded by Oliver at Saab Partner Lerch AG in Rothrist-Aarau - this photo reaches us. It is the current advertising banner of the Swiss branch the Orio AB, formerly Saab Automobile Parts AB.

Saab Service in Switzerland
Saab Service in Switzerland

The slogan on it is program or should I say a promise? ”Pwith 1947. And as long as you drive a Saab ". And, as we know, this can take a long time. Because our cars are robust and durable. Even if Saab has started producing new vehicles under NEVS direction and the 9-3 sports combi will (finally) make its comeback this year, we are still dependent on a well-functioning spare parts supply from Orio AB in Nyköping.

And we need our dedicated dealers..who have been up to now and hopefully will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel in the form of available new cars. I like the slogan and the Saabi banner. And yes, I take the promise literally!


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  • We can only agree with andy ackle. This garage is a cath …… e!
    Has grown too fast and has too many office staff + too many different brands. The boss would basically be ok - but is mostly in Aarau and not in Rothrist. Apparently there is no control. Unfortunately, this garage was never able to solve a problem straight away.
    It's a shame - but we have now found another, smaller but better SAAB garage and have had absolutely no problems since then.
    Kind regards from Switzerland

  • How many kilometres?

  • The day before yesterday, nothing seen at Garage Millet in Crissier / Lausanne

  • Always the Swiss 😉 ... Looks good!

  • Yes, this is only possible with us in Switzerland and with the Saab service partners who have ordered such an advertising banner. There is the banner even in 3 sizes and of course for Switzerland with the text in German or French. Lg Orio Switzerland AG

  • Finally something new and seemingly in the background still everything properly set up SAAB. All this is missing from my friend 🙁 Supposedly, there are no new SAAB flags or other merchandising in Sweden for the dealers to buy.

  • Saab partner Lerch.?
    Wise who is still a Saab?
    Liberate less pupils to do the right job.
    The opinion of a swiss close by….

  • Very good, I hope I can drive our Saabs for a long time and count on my dealer and Orio.

  • That sounds great! I hope you don’t forget the old beautiful boxes ... my “fat one” still needs a lot! 🙂

  • Very Saabig

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