SAAB News: Dates 2014

The SAAB community will be very active again in the year 2014. The first meetings of the Stammtisch are already included in the calendar. In summer you could visit a meeting or a lovingly organized trip almost every weekend.

Start in Meissen
SAAB exit Dresden - autumn 2013

We will try again this year to announce all dates here completely. The already known dates I will enter in the next few days. If you are planning a meeting yourself or if your regulars' table is not yet listed in the calendar then please contact us at

3 thoughts on "SAAB News: Dates 2014"

  • Hi Tom,
    that was a really nice ride, awesome weather and very nice people!
    The spring trip in April / May is already being planned around Karl-Marx - Stadt and I hope that you will be there again!

    • Hello Alex
      Contact me about the spring departure. You have my email address.

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