SAAB News. Order receipts and personal details.

  • 31 Saab orders in December
  • Kai Erling Trogen leaves NEVS

On the 10. NEVS opened the order system for Saab new vehicles in Sweden on December. According to a report by Dagens Industri, 31 vehicles were ordered this month. The delivery to the customers should take place in April, so press boss Mikael Östlund.

Saab number 2 is almost done
Saab production

Östlund does not want to say how many vehicles have been ordered since then. "We report monthly figures," he said to Dagens Industri. At the end of January or beginning of February, test drives will be possible in Trollhättan, delivery will start in April.

NEVS seems satisfied with the numbers, there are more requests for test drives. Okay, 31 vehicles in 21 days is not much, some dealers are selling more. But that's not the point. After all, we talk about a Saab, which is not in any showroom for which no advertising is made and which could not be driven to the test. It is a symbolic new beginning that serves more to make production fit for higher volumes.

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In the spring we'll see what NEVS refers to as an update. From this point it will be interesting, because it will be the vehicles that will accompany us for the next few years. If you report 31 ordered vehicles to the press per month then you have a problem. Currently the 31 is just a number. No more.

Kai-Erling Trogen leaves NEVS

At first it was just a rumor, then came the news about Dagens Industri and other media. But the official confirmation is still pending, NEVS Chairman Kai-Erling Trogen, formerly at Volvo Trucks, vacates his post at Stallbacka. He remains with the company as a consultant. His position will be taken over by NEVS founder Kai Johan Jiang, who will be responsible for the company's strategy. The resignation of Trogen is for personal reasons, circles report that the 67-year-old should be injured.

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At the same time, it also seems increasingly clear that incumbent Managing Director Mattias Bergman will not accompany his position temporarily, as previously announced, but over the long term. Again, there is no official statement from Saab owner NEVS.  NEVS-Saab spokesman confirmed that they are not looking for a manager to replace Bergman. Bergman does not have many years of experience in the automotive industry, but NEVS has enough in house expertise with Saab veterans like Stig Nodin, Per Svantesson, Kjell ac Bergström and Stig Runesson, he said today.




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  • I would first look relaxed and not try to draw parallels where there are none. So far, nothing negative has been heard from the direct NEVS environment, and except for DI, the press in Sweden reacted with astonishing calm.

  • The end of the Spyker era at Saab began with Jan-Åke Jonsson's retirement for “health reasons” and he wanted to continue to be available as a consultant for Saab. Sounds suspiciously similar.

    I ask, who would have the confidence in this company to invest his money now? Such messages are usually prepared differently, which looks so bad and I do not want to know how to fight behind the scenes. Having to release such a press release without being able to launch an extra positive, except 31 sold cars, well, that does not look good.

    The delivery in April has probably also to do with the fact that then the production should run properly. So far this is only a start-up production. Until there is no sales for China, that should start in the spring.

    At the moment, a factory tour that is supposed to be available for collection would look bad. When only 2 cars roll off the “assembly line” a day. That should be different in April, when it should also be produced for China.

    Hopefully soon there will be a positive message from NEVS-Saab, is now urgently needed!

  • Well, 67 years is not (yet) an “early” retirement age ...
    If delivery is only in April (China has probably the highest priority) will probably wait many Swedes the Pobefahrt. Meaningful figures will only be available at the end of March.

  • Well, the latest news from NEVS gives me a huge stomach ache. Karl-Erling Trogen's withdrawal does not paint a good picture. Usually the majority thinks, “The rats are leaving the sinking ship”, whereby with “rats” here the “knowing ones” are meant. This reduces trust in a company, which is not a good prerequisite if you are in the start-up phase.
    When such a leader is so unexpected, there is often something lazy in the business. If he's really sick, then it must be something very serious, which of course I do not want him to do. Then, of course, the question arises, how is it possible without his presumably important expertise?

    I think 31 cars in December are not enough. After all, was by the production start a large media response in Sweden, this should not be repeated in the following months. Since you can sell only 1000 cars a year, you probably also assume that you can sell them off completely. If I count for only half of the month for December, I get close to 750 cars a year. I think that's below the expectations of NEVS. Hopefully the numbers will get better and there will be some positive news soon.

  • The convertible has unfortunately little priority, as it is not so important for China. It is more a European topic ..

  • I think that's absolutely good, every beginning is hard. There is no advertising in Sweden and December has been full of holidays and holidays since Christmas. It is a first success, keep it up!

  • Hi Berziege!

    Correct! 31 Sedan models, I also find TOP! What's more, these 31 vehicles could only be ordered in one market, and Sweden only had about 9.517 million inhabitants. Desweitern comes in the spring so maybe an UpDate and we also know nothing specific about the engine!

  • Hello.
    Then we hope that the date for the convertible will fix soon and the SAAB is then open! B)

  • After almost 2 years “dead” and now selling 31 vehicles WITHOUT advertising, it borders on a miracle. After all, it has become these 31 SAABs! ONLY Sedan model! TRUST in the brand is thus shown. I also think that once the sports suit can be ordered, orders will continue to grow. With the convertible anyway ... The tapes are running, that's the message! It remains exciting on this www page in 2014!
    Good wishes for the departing Chairman Kai-Erling Trogen and a creative knack for the successor!
    Good weekend all SAABians!

  • It must also be seen that these 31 vehicles have been virtually sold out of nothing, without a dealer network and with minimal advertising expenditure. Probably the idealists and the desire to own one of the first new SAABs also played a role more than the demand. In this respect, I do not expect any meaningful sales figures until the end of next year.

  • The station wagon comes with the update in April / May, the convertible at a later date is still open.

  • I think everyone is waiting for something new from SAAB. Only those who need a car in a timely manner order the 9.3 II Sedan. That's why ordering an 31 vehicle is fine with me. In addition, the station wagon is still open. What's the way with the convertible?

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