SAAB 9-5 II. Rear view camera for the Swede.

It could be ordered in the price list for the 2012 model year under the code RV-CAM. The rear-view camera for the Saab 9-5 of the new generation. And also "mein”Saab 9-5 II sports suit, which I was allowed to pilot for a few days in 2011, had one. Which is not the worst idea for a full-grown 5-meter car!

Saab 9-5 with rear view camera
Saab 9-5 with rear view camera

Thanks to good contacts in Sweden, Saab Service Kiel was able to get the original parts for the retrofit. Among other things, because various accessories related to the 9-5 II sedans and sports suits have found their way to customers through the Lafrentz dealership in recent months. As you can see, the “Saab” business model can work. The fans honor it and take many hundreds of kilometers to get there.

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But back to the rear view camera. It is inconspicuously integrated into the bar of the striking LED light strip on the right section. It is only visible if you look at the bar from below on your knees. Otherwise you see - nothing! And that's exactly how it should be. The installation and integration is done in Kiel, prices are given Request, The result pleases. In the color monitor of the navigation system, the rear environment appears, making parking easier.

The first retrofits have already run in Kiel, the availability of the original Saab parts is naturally limited. Because you never made it into series production, which is somehow regrettable. Because, as I said, the reversing camera would have been a good investment.


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    That would be something; I will contact Autohaus Lafrentz directly.
    Thanks Tom!

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      Otherwise there are also good license plate solutions for a roll!
      I got myself one from the well-known manufacturer dnt because it is the only one that doesn't need a separate monitor, but sends the signal to the smartphone via WLAN / WiFi and the corresponding app ... and I can determine its “monitor” position myself via the suction cup halter

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