Survey result. Electric car in winter, is that possible?

A week ago we have the readers of our Saab blog around yours Opinions asked for the use of electric cars in the cold season. Exactly 400 participants have voted, and the result leaves no room for interpretation. Because only 15% see the possibility of coping with the daily distances with an electric vehicle in winter.

Lotus Elise as a model for a new Saab sonnet?
Lotus Elise as a model for a new Saab sonnet?

Far more, at least 58% of the participants, could consider it, the EV would be equipped with a range extender. Thus, these readers are in the trend, because worldwide is a split from. Only very few countries rely on pure electric drive, including India and China. There, the political will behind the development, while the rest of the world prefers hybrid solutions.

Interesting is the relatively low proportion of 27% who have no desire for “adventure”. The acceptance of alternative drive concepts is increasing, and I am sure that 12 months ago more readers would have responded negatively. NEVS-Saab is currently relying on a pure battery solution. As far as we currently know, this will only be installed in China and only for the local market. A sale in Europe is not planned for the time being.

Only the next generation of vehicles from Trollhättan should offer a range extender solution. Is the electric car maybe a dead end?

Electric car in winter, is that possible?

  • Yes, but only with Range Extender (58% 232 Votes)
  • No, do not feel like adventures (27% 109 Votes)
  • Yes, no problem - my ways are short enough (15% 59 Votes)

Total Voters: 400

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Some of our readers see a right to exist in small, light cars. The Renault Twizy was named, a commentator suggested a small, light sports car. I like the suggestion. A Sonett successor with electric drive - that would be a lot of driving pleasure. Small, light, environmentally friendly. A small roadster would be good for the brand's image.

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The idea is, admittedly, not really new. Tesla started like that, and the roadster was based on a Lotus base. Driving pleasure was included, and the little two-seater justified the call of Tesla. An option for NEVS? Definitely! The development costs should be manageable, maybe you could also access the lightweight Lotus base.

A new sonnet would be a product that could be appropriately designed, typically Saab. Even if it were traveling with batteries.


Image: Lotus Cars

4 thoughts on "Survey result. Electric car in winter, is that possible?"

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    The FISKER concept should be the right option - the electric drive and combustion engine to extend the range could, however, each be a step below the powerful FISKER units (also with regard to production costs and later market prices).

    However, I only see the FISKER concept at the fore in terms of drive technology - under no circumstances in terms of design. I would like TESLA a lot better here and SAAB could score even higher with a good in-house designer in this discipline!

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    I also tend to see the electric future in small, light-weight cars. A SAAB 9-3 has another area of ​​responsibility, which until now is not really electrically serviceable.
    An e-sonnet would be nice, but for me BMW has the best concept at the moment. A body made of aluminum, carbon fiber (no rust!) And renewable raw materials designed for public transport and for the city. This is exactly the area where the electric car has its strengths, which is driven to 80% and where we consume a lot of gasoline / diesel pointless.
    For long distances and vacation trips there is still no way around conventional cars, but that doesn't necessarily have to be new ... we SAAB fans know!

    • blank

      ... and you can also go on the gas very cheaply 😉

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    I might like the idea of ​​a sonnet with an electric drive. In the meantime, the possibilities for driving a Saab are relatively large with us, so that the convertible is really only driven in "good weather". And mostly you drive alone or in pairs. A small, sporty vehicle would therefore be more than enough with the corresponding fun factor. Only the range for various convertible trips still needs to be worked on.

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