SAAB News. Saab Academy online.

For several weeks, the new Saab training system for the partners online. The Saab Academy is a must-have for all authorized repairers and includes the Saab product range up to and including model year 2011.

Saab Academy online
Saab Academy online

The new German language program aims to keep the quality of our service operations at a high level. The current version was at the German daughter the Orio AB, formerly Saab Automobile Parts AB, migrated to the German language in Eschborn. The system, which I was allowed to try out, is very clearly structured and a useful building block to ensure the service for our vehicles.

The software is currently ending in model year 2011, as are workshop manuals and all other documentation. But the Saab story continues. Work on the new documents will start in Sweden in the next few days. Vehicle documentation and service documents for the new vehicles are created. Probably the same for the 2015 model year, and so I have an interesting question to which I have no answer (so far): in which languages ​​will the on-board literature be created? Swedish, Chinese …… German?




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  • That's nonsense. Contracts, target agreements and customer mailings can not be organized in silence. The program is open and free for all partners.

  • I volunteer to be there to look again. Honestly, was it just overflowing the google translator?
    “The SAAB Academy”, “Saab material to download”, etc. etc. Unblinded: Quality looks different.
    My offer is available!

  • 😉 I say!
    You have mail!

  • Compulsory program?! So with all respect, with the so-called authorized dealers has since 2011 no one talked, right? That will not be free ???
    You can ask for something like that if the trader knows how to proceed. My dealer is great (including workshop). Why should he go in advance? We do not pay before the car is parked in the yard. The approach is of course otherwise ok.

  • You know where I'm from. You had already warned me. Dresden is not around the corner, but definitely the better choice. Ps: get in touch with me about the departure in April.

  • Good job in Escborn! Hopefully you will soon have the opportunity to sell new cars!

  • C like Chemnitz? 🙂

  • For this, some companies first have to reach a certain level. Especially the service partner in C. can be completely forgotten.

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