SAAB financing offer for the 9-3 Aero.

For the past two days, a finance and leasing offer has been available in Sweden for the Saab 9-3 Aero. NEVS cooperates with DNB Bank. What is remarkable, because the DNB is not a bank with a Chinese background, but it is one of the oldest Norwegian private banks.

SAAB order and finance in Sweden
SAAB order and finance in Sweden

I would have wagered that one of the big institutes from the Asian region would take over the financing. But maybe that will happen, because at the moment the vehicles are only being produced in the smallest quantities, so it will not be big business for the bank. The conditions are also corresponding. A financing on 72 months with 20% down payment ends up at an effective interest rate of 6.77%. That's scary, not just at first sight. A quick check at some Saab partners in Germany showed yesterday that it is even better for used Saabs.

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For the new car business, the manufacturer banks, whose only job is to finance sales, start at 2 to 3%. A new Golf is financed with a 30% down payment and a 48-month term for less than 2% APR. This shows where the journey at NEVS should go ...

Financing for the new SAAB 9-3 Aero from NEVS
Financing for the new SAAB 9-3 Aero from NEVS

Okay, we can't compare Volkswagen with the small startup from Trollhättan. The numbers are not available, there is little to finance. NEVS-Saab is only just coming back on the market and has closed time until production is running accordingly. So we're fair. The offer is an approach from which a good cooperation between the manufacturer and the credit institution can develop. If the numbers run accordingly, the brand becomes more interesting and the cards are reshuffled. After all, a Saab has finally appeared again as a new car in a financing calculator for years. That alone is remarkable and something of a small miracle. A year ago nobody would have suspected that we would even deal with this topic.

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NEVS is expanding its offering to customers, a first step, which is good. In Germany too, the subject of leasing and financing has been a sensitive issue for many years. Saab had no chance against the national top dogs and was regularly counted in the lease-rate shopping. The situation could have changed for the better, because the former Saab Germany boss Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, today managing director of the German branch of Orio AB, had negotiated interesting conditions with new partners. But then the supply stopped short and there was nothing left that could have been leased or financed.

For NEVS-Saab it is one of the important homework to find appropriate partners to offer competitive leasing and financing rates in the future. If you are serious about making a comeback in the European markets, you will have little chance without the appropriate financial instruments.


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  • So, the financing costs are pretty much what the banks offer to private customers in Sweden.
    Of course you can not compare this with the manufacturers' banks.
    With the same parameters, swedbank wants 3 731 kr / mån, for example, DNB Bank wants 3694 kr / mån in the example.
    The comparison Germany with Sweden is absolutely not suitable.

  • Quote:

    “[…] For the new car business, the manufacturer banks, whose only task is sales financing, start at 2 to 3%. A new Golf is financed for less than 30% APR with a 48% down payment and a 2 month term. That shows where NEVS would have to go ... [...] ”

    That is not right. At Seat, the current funding rate for 0,99% is 0% down payment. Until some time ago it was even possible to finance with 0%. And I think that NEVS should go right there and not stop anywhere on 2-3%. Quite simply for the reason that it certainly gives many buyers an additional argument in the hand to buy a Saab.

    I start from myself, of course, but I can imagine that many people think that way. Because if I can finance a car with 0%, then I will do that too, so I have a vehicle that I cannot buy “cash”, but still get interest on the money that is saved in addition, which is not from the Financing interest will be used up. That means I pay less for the vehicle. Of course, with a cash payment, you can negotiate more price reductions than what you “earn” from the interest. However, even with my current Leon it was not possible to pay this in full.

    • I once deliberately didn't use Seat as a benchmark ... But it's true, of course there are always and always more possibilities to finance new cars with 0% down payment and 0% interest. At first glance, this is ideal for the customer, but there is usually no new car discount (which NEVS does not currently offer). So you have to calculate exactly.

  • Actually, a pretty sum, something about 370 Euro should be that well. But you also get so much on the car.

    One must also keep in mind that NEVS has commissioned an external bank here, while VWs are financed through the in-house bank (as with the other large manufacturers). From this point of view, the interest rate is actually still cheap - I also had to partially finance my SAAB through the house bank, and was also in the interest rate area. The full financing would have cost around 9% interest at that time (at GMAC Bank).

    • In the meantime, however, other external banks are also offering a cheap car loan - at Postbank it is 4,65% with a loan amount of € 30k, which is repaid over 60 months. In that way, I don't see it as a low interest rate. In addition, a car loan offers the possibility to put the money “cash on the table” at the dealership and thus negotiate a little discount.

    • Regardless of the financing rate, I also think that there is a lot of car at a fair price

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