NEVS - SAAB continues to grow.

Saab starts the new year well. Since Wednesday last week, the number of “collective stalls” at the Trollhättan plant has grown by 26 out of 258. This was announced by the union IF Metall in a press release. Saab is the second largest employer for IF Metall members in the Norra Älvsborg district. Only GKN Driveline, formerly Volvo Aero, employs more workers in the immediate vicinity of the Saab plant.

Saab factory employee parking
Saab factory employee parking lot © 2014

NEVS has grown rapidly, says union man Håkan Skött. And NEVS keeps growing. In the second half of February, there will already be 320 workers in the factory. After all, that would be between 20 and 25% of the former workforce in the manufacturing area. NEVS Saab is also the second largest employer for union union engineers, but so far these are not organized in a separate union group.

We know Håkan Skött as a Saab veteran and liaison officer for IF Metall at Saab Automobile AB, who was always ready to fight for the interests of the employees and the brand. Now, employed by the union, he is the link between NEVS and IF Metall. His relationship with the plant and the new owners is close, he was one of the VIP guests at the start of production in December 2013.

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However, he is currently changing professionally, his time with Saab is probably coming to an end. From the ranks of the IF Metall members in the plant, a new liaison officer is to come who is currently being sought. A trade union group, called “Klubb” in Sweden, will soon be created at NEVS. Even if the union has not made any progress so far, as you openly admit.

Håkan Skött and Paul Akerlund at the production start in the SAAB factory
Håkan Skött and Paul Akerlund at the production start in the SAAB factory © 2014

NEVS will have created around 700 jobs in Trollhättan with external employees by the end of February. This is more than some critics - who assumed a few 100 jobs - predicted in the past. The growth will continue, and maybe the 1.000 mark will be crossed in a few months. While the employee parking spaces at the factory are getting fuller, the number of vehicles produced is still in a strange disproportion.

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So that no illusions arise: In the stablebacka one is still in a build-up phase, which consumes a lot of capital month after month. The NEVS build-up program seems more ambitious than we thought it would. How long does it take to successfully establish a brand in the market? In the car industry one starts from 10 years. At Audi, the successful premium prototype from Ingolstadt, it even took 15 years. That requires a long breath.



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  • I think you can not compare anything with Audi or Alfa. These brands were never really gone. Saab was completely gone over 2 years and is still except Sweden. But Tom is right when he says that something must come that arouses the desire of the customers, a real blast so. Would be nice if it were so, but with the announcement to build an electric car for China? Who would want to lure it out from behind the stove? But I also think that the blast must come as soon as possible, and the blast can only be something new and not the 5. or 6. Facelift of something old. Maybe NEVS should also look for a strategic partner (large volume manufacturer), such as: For example, Tesla has found one in Daimler. You do not have to reinvent every door handle yourself. For some things, it's just an advantage if you can make use of a kit that can save development costs and time and you get a new car faster on the road and the customer. Since, however, you can take Audi and Alfa already as a role model, because they have a corporate shelf in which they can take.

  • I have one of the first sport station wagons of the 9-3 II BJ 10/05. The first facelift with the new cooler didn't impress me (the design department was probably sick). The Gripen again sooner. Unfortunately, the 9-4 was too expensive for me and the 9-5 NG too much for GM / Opel. So I was waiting for the 9-3 III when Victor SAAB hit the wall. I still think it would have been better back then to cut staff and save on every corner, to bring a GM free 9-3 III onto the market and do the same with the 9-5 NG and 9-4. But there was another catch: Victor lacked a potent partner to appear credible. Whatever: how does Franz say? Take a look ... - I'm happy about every good news.

  • Really new exciting models are needed. Unfortunately, that does not work from day to day. Much own has not come yet. The update must be a blast. What I doubt but.
    A new engine has to be in and the construction time is limited. So how tons of money to invest. Let's hope the NEVS does not run out of breath in there and that we have to witness the final end.

  • Yes, the futurologists. They predict interesting things. Only an American automaker is fit for the future. Tesla. Exciting, right?

  • You are right.
    Unfortunately, the right people are often not the next ones. Or the people of Bamberg set up a Bavaria-wide “pick-up and delivery service”!
    In a lecture by a futurologist to automobile manufacturers or their top employees, 2 - 5 new automobile manufacturers from circles outside the industry were predicted. (in connection with e-cars, among others)
    Samsung or Apple were mentioned.
    Which again leads to the idea to give Saab an identity or a technical and visual appearance similar to the I-Mac's or I-phones.
    It seems to me that only if such a thing succeeds, SAAB has a chance in global perception.

  • ... and what about Alfa now? How many years can you really drive an Alfa in everyday winter use? Most of the previously beautiful 156s now look pretty old. Workmanship and long-term durability have never been Alfa’s strengths. The image has to be right, in my opinion you can see that e.g. B. also positive about the Mini from BMW. Fiat has also done a lot right with the Fiat 500. Back in the late 80s, Audi built one of the best cars of the era, the Audi 80, and this is still having an impact. In my opinion, it is also important that the model names are retained.

    Best regards!


  • I don't think so - that would be saying too much. I see the challenge. Starting with a well-known vehicle in Europe is a big challenge - if you want to be successful. I understand NEVS, there you see things primarily through China glasses. I would probably make a similar decision if I had a choice. But we're sitting here in Germany and of course I see things as European. Much depends on the facelift, which NEVS calls “Update”. I have fewer doubts about the dealers. We have some very dedicated people who do a lot for the brand. It is better to start with fewer dealers, but with the “right ones” ...

  • SAAB has a decisive advantage:
    Certainly the image has to be rebuilt and the good reputation restored. But after all, the brand SAAB is still firmly anchored in many minds.
    There will even be many potential customers who remember the pre-GM-SAAB times!
    And now GM is out of SAAB, so the neglected GM era is a thing of the past.
    That could be a real opportunity for SAAB - but now it is important to use it: Quality, innovation, individual design from Sweden and no GM shared parts policy.
    This almost unique opportunity must not be squandered by quality discussions!

  • …………… .. am I reading out a profound doubt?
    Mine (doubt) concerns the then associated dealers and workshops.

    Greetings Gallix

  • The 156 was something of an initial spark for Alfa. Victor Muller had the 9-4x and the 9-5 NG, which was a clear signal in the direction of “New-Saab”. NEVS has nothing (so far) and is struggling with it. A new model that could generate excitement would make a lot easier.

  • Definitely nothing for the faint of heart! What are the personnel costs per month? Would count on the 3 to 4 million euros. With virtually zero sales, it needs a thick pad and nerves like wire ropes. I assume that they know what they are doing

  • The situation is not comparable to Audi, who had to rebuild their image first, but rather with Alfa in the 90ern, I think. Everyone was wailing anyway. And then came the 156 and hit like a bomb. Apparently, the Alfa fans had just been waiting for something great to come back from Alfa. And so could it be with Saab. A convincing car can make you forget all the bad GM years. I do not know how to go electric at the moment.

  • … ..That requires staying power….! Both from the blogger, the fans, the dealers and the investor !!!!
    One month is over quickly, and all employees continue to count on the crowns! At the moment there are tender positive signals. That pleases me and lets me continue to believe in the SAAB brand.

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