Lost SAAB 9-5 NG sportswear in Trollhattan

Not all built 9-5 II Sportkombis is the whereabouts safe. Some of the vehicles that have never been in series have been approved for road traffic, others are in the ownership of a lover, and for a few, fate is unexplained. As for the 9-5 Linear sportswear with the VIN YS3GN5MR9C4200001.

Saab 9-5 Sports Suit VIN YS3GN5MR9C4200001 © 2014 saabblog.net
Saab 9-5 Sports Suit VIN YS3GN5MR9C4200001 © 2014 saabblog.net

The sportswear are collectibles and now have their own Fan page. The whereabouts are not known there either - until today. In the meantime, the lost station wagon has appeared. These pictures were taken in the middle of Trollhättan, more precisely at the Saab Museum. Together with another sports suit, he stood on the site for a short time.

The white station wagon with the striking “Combitech” stickers should be known to some visitors to the region. Because he has been traveling around Trollhättan over the past few months. Which is a bit explosive. The local authorities have probably closed their eyes. Because the old Saab Automobile AB approval was still attached to the vehicle. And that is, well, no longer really valid. Live and let live in Swedish ...

The silver station wagon in the pictures is the wanted VIN YS3GN5MR9C4200001. Striking are the stickers from the KVD auction, which are still on the vehicle. The sports suit was auctioned off, put away and did not do anything about it. Now he appears in Trollhättan again in public. Who owns the Saab is unclear. No one really wants to talk about the vehicle, questions remain unanswered.

There are guesses that we do not want to do here unless they are safe. It only seems certain that he (unfortunately) is not the property of the Saab Museum, The silver sports suit also belongs to Combitech, as has now been confirmed. In Trollhättan, there are not just these two sports suits. NEVS is said to have owned vehicles, but these are only on the factory premises.

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We stay with the blog the next few days on the subject Trollhättan. We clarify whether visiting the Saab city in the cold season pays off and publish a report by a reader who visited the Saab Museum in January.

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  • blank

    “Guesswork”, I dream. NEVS pays GM for the production permit for the 9.5.
    Please do not laugh, but it is sad that we will rarely see this great car on our streets.

  • blank

    Hello, the second 9-5 is opener at the museum. We drive every year 2-3mal to Trollhättan and have him standing there, is always far behind the direction of locks. Unfortunately he is never built, customers would certainly be enough ..

    Greetings from Steinhagen.

  • blank

    Still a dream car. And it will stay that way. New he would not have been affordable for me but as a good used with V6 Turbo I would have brought me one.

  • blank

    Wow .... very nice car (especially with the taillights)!

  • blank

    Are the taillights frozen? The effect so monochrome?

    • blank

      Frosted - by nature 😉 - because it was a cold day.

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