Sweden vacation and visit to the Saab Museum.

Reader's contribution by Thomas Zecher

This week was dedicated to reports from the Saab city of Trollhättan. Readers Thomas Zecher was with his family on New Year's Eve on Sweden vacation in the area around Helsingborg. What, without us having discussed, would be further proof of the attractiveness of wintery Sweden. He writes a short report from his visit to Trollhättan:

Holiday home near Helsingborg. 300 kilometers to Trollhattan
Holiday home near Helsingborg. 300 kilometers to Trollhattan

Our domicile was 70 km northeast of Helsingborg. Although Trollhättan is 300 km away, we made a trip there on 02/01/2014. Saab factory, Saab museum, hydroelectric power station, locks, Trollhättan is always worth seeing!

Mr. Ekkehard Nagl was at the cash register in the Saab Museum. "Saab veteran" was on the name tag on the pullover. He was formerly responsible for the spare parts supply and Service Europe and is a native of Austria.

He was thrilled that we have 4 Saabs in the family and proud that our convertible was built in his hometown of Graz. He was astonished that our 2009 combi had already run 245tkm - everything went by itself. Ekkehard Nagl is the owner of a Saab Blue Spirit, a Saab X-Wing Saab based on Saab 99 with 900 bodywork, which I had never seen before ... According to his information, only two new cars roll off the production line at the Saab factory. That will probably be the start-up phase.

Compared to our last visit 2012 had four new exhibits at the museum: a red mid-engine 900 I with California license plate, a 9-3 II convertible, a 9-3 II convertible with facelift and an 9-3 Turbo-X estate car. Otherwise everything is the same.

From ANA, formerly the world's largest Saab dealer near the factory, I was very disappointed: Where two years ago was still a big place with a nice range of used Saab's car, today is a modern sales temple for BMW and Mini! Sacrilege! But ANA has to survive too ...

Text and images: Thomas Zecher for saabblog.net

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    Two very nice Sweden reports, that shortens the waiting time until the summer vacation. Thank you!

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    and that's really heaven at the turn of the year 2014 ???? Super BLUE and above all LIGHT !!! I would not have expected this brightness. But wonderful….
    Thanks for the private impressions, great idea!
    Kind greeting

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      We were not north of the Arctic Circle!
      It was against. Germany early half an hour later light and evening half an hour earlier dark.
      So bearable ...
      Kind regards

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        Moin moin, Thomas!
        THANK YOU for the friendly. Note….
        Winter greetings with -12 degrees, the right weather for the SAAB to bring us to Berlin….

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