SAAB 9-3 Aero MY 2014 test drive in Sweden

In Trollhättan for a good week now the test runs with the new Saab 9-3 Aero sedan. The local newspaper has put a short film sequence on the net. Reason enough to interrupt the blog break for a brief moment.

Yesterday in Sweden: Saab 9-3 Aero on test drive.
Yesterday in Sweden: Saab 9-3 Aero on test drive.

The prospect in the film, Jens Jandersson, comes from Stockholm and has been a fan of the small brand from southern Sweden for many years. In the 80s he started with a 900 Turbo and in the 2000s he started collecting vehicles from Trollhättan. In the meantime he had 7 or 8 Saabs, now there are “only” 4. One Saab 9000 and three Saab 900 from the eighties.

Janderssson is being coached by Göran Fredriksson from the communications department of NEVS during his visit to Stallbacka. He reports great interest from all parts of Sweden since the test drive was launched last week. By now he has more 25 potential buyers on the list. Building a holistic customer relationship, Fredrikkson says, is especially important to NEVS. Therefore, every buyer gets a personal attention and a tour of the production and the Saab Museum.

And how is the first Saab under NEVS direction? Jandersson, who is a professional fleet manager, raises his finger for the Saab. The car feels good, has a well-tuned chassis and is nice to drive. And the engine has the appropriate start. The purchase decision he will meet in peace at home in Stockholm. The Saab is an alternative for him and it is also the price that speaks for a purchase. The lies according to his statement good 100.000 Schwedenkronen below that of the competitors.


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  • My espresso tastes only half as good in the morning… ;-(

  • and already the mood is rising!

  • Without new news in the blog, the day has become much grayer and less interesting.

  • my 9-5 Aero SC from 2007 has now seen 217 km on it and apart from the maintenance according to the interval display (on average every 000 km) no workshop has been seen from the inside.
    Whether NEVS is capable and fast enough to provide for the successor, we will see. Not with the current communication.

  • I lost my name when I answered Detlef. Please change to flor

  • Individuality, quality, service and direct contacts must have their price. The reputation of the special can then be tailored from this. Have not the Saabs been sold too cheaply in recent years? Saab can never win the price competition with the really big ones - but quality and individuality leadership might be possible. Most Saab drivers are looking for something that not everyone has. And we have to pay for that.

  • 2 years is a long time. Unfortunately, the world is not waiting for Saab. Many still SAAB drivers will then have already switched to other brands and regaining them will be difficult.

  • First a big compliment to Tom for the new outfit of the Bolggseite, is doing really well.
    About our old treasures: Yesterday I just received pictures from my favorite Saab specialist - you have to say: Autohaus Kreil in Hof - of the renewal of the window frame of my 9000er. It was a bad job, but Mr. Kreil is already doing it. And I'm looking forward to getting my 9000 CSE Anniversary back on the road this summer.

  • @Franken troll
    SAAB is built not only for long distances, but also for long years: timeless design and technk, which is still convincing today. 😎 My 901 and my 2006er 9-5 Aero (chipped) are the best arguments 🙂

  • I would not be scared of any further 2 years of waiting, as long as the blog goes on, the brand lives. You can easily end up being the owner of a car, enjoying his SAAB with a grin on his face 🙂

  • I think you should all care for your "sweethearts" very persistently. Until we officially get something new in Germany, which says Saab on it, that will probably take another 2 years.
    The start in December was probably only due to contractual and legal obligations. We must not forget, everything is rebuilt here, Nevs is not an established manufacturer, who has bought another factory. With all the impatience, it's actually nice to see how they approach the cause in Swedish with Trollhättan. It remains to be hoped that sufficient capital is available.

    Sure, the concept of internet sales was born out of “necessity”, but this is precisely where Saab's potential lies, the direct customer relationship. Mercedes does the same thing, since sales also run directly through the factory. The workshops receive contracts for the service and can act as an intermediary in sales.
    Maybe this will save us from the many underground contractors that have always existed in the Saab organization. The loyal clientele was and still is one of the peculiarities of Saab, this is exactly where the current distribution system comes in, more Saab is not possible, as a test drive and pickup in the factory, an extraordinary product, also needs a special way in sales. Of course nobody will have to go to Sweden to do a test drive in the future, but the future certainly does not look like it is today, and even the car trade with the conventional brand dealers is soon history.

    For all those who cannot make friends with an electric Saab, there was an interesting report on January 23rd in the Vänersborger edition of the newspaper “Bohusläningen”. A manufacturer of exhaust systems would like to buy a building that is being offered to him for rent in order to deliver exhaust systems to the plant in Trollhättan. Apparently the Turbo saga still has a few chapters ahead of it.

  • That's right. I am astonished that it is still so quiet. My current Saab workshop is likely to retire in the next few years and the local Bosch service, which has helped me already well, has considered at NEVS-Saab that this again too much Saab and thus too special.
    So it could be even more modest with good service close to home in Germany. But I like to use Tom his word for the last 2 years: patience ...

    Maybe NEVS surprises us here as well as with everything else up to here 🙂

  • We also make every little thing, so that the workshop does not lose the desire to SAAB. For another brand, we would never have invested that much money 😉

  • There is a lot going for a good price. Remains to be desired that one maintains it at NEVS. But there is also a good workshop service. And then some dealers should really consider whether they still want it when SAAB comes back to the German market. NEVS should also take care of her. As far as I know, there is no contact so far.

  • Hello Joachim,

    well there is still a lot to expect (now I have 160000 km away) ...: -S
    Timing belt, springs in front, brake complete and clutch + flywheel are the highlights, which could be exchanged with me already everything. You do not treat yourself otherwise.

    I recently got a bottle of champagne from my workshop. Probably not because I don't make enough sales 🙂

    All the more I'm just looking forward to the new station wagon. There is then first rest for a few years.

    Best regards and everyone here a pleasant rest week.

  • Well, you should correct your typing errors beforehand before you press send ... of course front springs and toothed belts 🙂 The rest is typo

  • Hello Marco

    Welcome to the club. I've already done that ... so from a financial point of view I shouldn't switch to another Saab 😉

    In the last two years my 9-3 TiD got the following: LiMa, battery, WaPu, toothed belt, swirl flap, EGR, glow plug, all-round brake discs and pads, new summer and WR, request springs (because of a break), plus great service ... and now the tie rod ends are knocking ... I have to say that everything was only due after more than 100tkm and actually almost everything is / was ... unfortunately everything was blocked and therefore very expensive for me ...

    But I have no maintenance backlog and my workshop still lives thanks to me

  • THANK YOU for the break!
    Who is on limosine, for the SAAB, even at this price (!) Certainly a serious seduction! The MA of NEVS deserve it !!! And the customer receives a soda with joyous power, with a little thirst!
    Keep it up!

  • That sounds very good. If the package is right, Saab is definitely not just an alternative, it is clearly the first choice 😉
    I am very excited when the station wagons arrive in spring. My 9³ TID slowly and SORRY more and more often wants to visit a workshop in order to be cared for for many dollars (akteull swirl flap control, EGR-Felx tube, glow plugs, ...).

    Winter greetings from Lusatia

  • That's just great!! Thank you for showing !!

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