SAAB Blog in new design and SAAB Eventpage

Reason No. 1 for our short break was the conversion of and our Youngtimer Blogs to a new, contemporary design. Things that are possible with WordPress, such as infinite scrolling and automatic word separation, were not feasible with the old layout.

Inland at Trollhattan © 2014
Inland at Trollhattan © 2014

Now, after the technical update, ease of use and readability are better than before, and we hope our readers will enjoy it.

In own thing: Saabblog Event page.

Reason no. 2 was the creation of a separate event page. After we were able to experience the joint tour from Kiel to Trollhättan last year, we are planning another small event in 2014. At, our readers will find the blog team events that will take place once or twice a year in the future. Participants and interested parties can have the latest updates sent to them by email after registering.

In the early summer there will be a small special meeting in Germany, which is already safe, and in the future, joint Swedish tours may be offered. What is still uncertain and future music. Because we are still working in the hobby mode for the brand and have, clearly, no manufacturer support.

A friend of mine said “... you would write for a normal brand, you would have support and not these problems". Maybe ... but not the Saab community and not so much fun!



15 thoughts on "SAAB Blog in new design and SAAB Eventpage"

  • Nice design! The center column with the most important part (the content) is a bit too narrow. Perhaps make the right column a little bit narrower instead?

    And I am missing under blogs or fan pages ..! 😉

  • Thanks for the information! "Got it". And so the page becomes round again!

  • Very well he looks from the new old blog!

  • Respect for your excellent work, keep it up,
    best regards from Luxembourg 🙂

  • Really cool design 🙂 looks very classy and user-friendly, just hope that the black doesn't look for a place again via Trollhättan, it's “approved” for the Saabblog. Thanks for a job Tom !!

  • Dear Tom
    Congratulation for the new design.
    Greetings from Switzerland.

  • I like!

  • Black and green were deliberately chosen because they are used in the new “E” logo from SAAB. But we made sure that the blog remains bright and “friendly” 😉

  • Welcome to your “time out”, Tom! The result is user-friendly and appealing. I do, however, with the dark edge on the left. Side difficult….
    Black is just not my “color”…. And finally the NEWS loose time is over! News from NEVS do z. Still good at the moment.

  • Great design, fun!

  • Hej! I really like the new design!

  • Hi, I think the new design is good too.
    The only thing I would have liked would be a short info before.
    At first, I thought I'd mistyped the URL. 🙂


  • Since I can only join Ded2! And I think that just in the SAAB community it is better to go because they are not on every corner! SAAB greetings Wolef

  • Hallo,
    I noticed the new design last week. I like it well, pleasant to read and clear.
    I am looking forward to the planning.

  • Dear Tom
    Congratulations on the redesign. I like the layout very much - clear and modern!
    In the meantime I couldn't imagine a day without your blog somehow…. 😉

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