Deer Performance Parts at

In the meantime also Hirsch Performance parts are available in the shop from Till. Among them are real treasures that have not been part of the official sales program for a long time.

Hirsch Performance Parts in the CardYourCar Shop
Hirsch Performance Parts in the CardYourCar Shop

In my opinion, stainless steel exhaust systems for the Saab 9-3 I in the well-known Hirsch quality and the intercooler from Hirsch are particularly recommended. Our 9-3 “Silver” Aero also has such a system, the sound of which is really fun without being obtrusive. All parts are no longer manufactured, and so it is the last chance to upgrade an upcoming classic with original Hirsch accessories.

For the 2006-9 “chrome glasses” built from 5, there is a last, small number of Leather door handles, The components come from the same source as the now no longer available door handles by Speedparts, and the price is almost too cheap at The recommendation for chrome eyewear drivers is clear: buy!


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  • Is an Aero Cabrio 9-3 I from 2003, one of the last. Hmm, that's right - Jörn, you are right - convertible and twisting: the car might then become TOO “stiff”? Subframe brace on the Aero convertible yes or no? Experience?

  • ... and you me, Lars 🙂
    Steering Rack Clamp (in any case) and Subframe Brace (maybe, or is the convertible suffering elsewhere?) I really wanted to do it after Tom's experiences in the youngtimer blog !! 🙂

    With LLK and Kat I don't see the extra power - that's enough for me - but the type of power delivery: That it should be better "hang on the gas". Just like the noticeable difference in turbo between midsummer and cold air in winter.
    @ Lars: Do you have an Aero? If not, I would definitely adapt the suspension to Step 1 as well.

  • Jörn, you speak out of my mouth! 😉 I was just about to ask that ... otherwise, instead of LLK or Racekat, I tend to the other stories that Tom made on the Silver-Aero - Steering Rack Clamp & Subframe Brace - certainly quite useful in Step 1 (if not Deer chassis) ...

  • I must admit that my experiences relate only to the Aero. There is a larger LLK no problem in terms of installation. I have experience with non-aeros only with the 901. There was the complete kit with hoses, etc. needed in the Softturbo no LLK was installed. Maybe someone will read along, who knows the smaller variants, if not I ask in Bamberg.

    Basically an LLK is recommended, especially the Hirsch part is really solid and good, the engine always wins, runs more freely and "breathes" better. I am unsure about the Sportkat and have decided against it, even if one or the other PS comes out of it. The 9-3 Aero runs 230 things with 250 PS, leaving vehicles that are much stronger on paper. Do I need more with this vehicle? No.

  • For the LLK, I may then ask again:
    Does anything have to be changed (Trionic etc.)?
    For non-Aero models probably conversion to cross-flow, if supply / discharge only on one side. But also with the engine control?

    I'm still so uncertain with LLK and SportKat, if that is necessary.
    But: maybe last chance for original parts ...?

  • Step 1 is really great, the 230 PS are more fun in the Aero than you would expect. Had ordered the Till also the LLK, is really great quality. The end pot is always on our Silver Aero.

  • Thanks, Lars. I've been using Step 1 since the beginning. We recommend
    Called Hirsch. Since I was told, for the Sportkat the programming would have to be adjusted. Step 2 would not exist anymore, the parts would be something for hobbyists.
    On the one hand, Sportkat and LLK are very tempting, on the other hand I was proud for 13 years not to drive a craft tuning cart ...
    Have also ordered the final pot

  • Tip from Till: have the missing middle part made by a specialist. If anyone here currently knows who can do something good quality, please contact us. Otherwise, the deer silencer will be installed first in the spring - and Step 1 is also included ... 😉

  • Hi Lars,
    could you please post that if there is something?

  • Thanks Tom, I got in touch with Till - and first of all ordered the muffler. Till wants to see again whether a combination with Maptun is possible or a good idea.

  • I think the diameter is identical to the series. A racing cat as such is more permeable and does not necessarily need a larger cross-section in the supply and discharge. Ask Till from SU who runs the shop, he can answer for sure.

  • The question also bothers me, does anyone know advice? Thank you!

  • Ah OK thanks! But if I also take the Hirsch Sportkat and then have the “normal” pipe (bottle neck !?) between the Sportkat and the Hirsch silencer - don't I “torpedo” a benefit of the Sportcat in combination with the Hirsch silencer, even if it is only a small one? Doesn't the sports cat have a larger diameter?

  • Our 9-3 Aero 2001 (Project Silver Aero) has always only had the Hirsch silencer. Therefore the “normal” series system should be combinable with the Hirsch part.

  • Hirsch stainless steel exhaust system for Viggen / Aero is unfortunately no longer available in its entirety (only muffler and Sportkat) - does anyone know where I can get a corresponding middle part? Or maybe parts of deer and z. B. “Mix” Maptun? What parts does the complete deer system consist of? Help! 😉

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