Saab in Tokyo.

For the past Saab photo reportages Uli was in Buenos Aires and in Chicago on road. This time a business meeting took him to Tokyo. While it was comparatively easy to get a Saab in front of the lens in the USA and South America, it was difficult in Japan. Saab has become an absolute exotic brand there, while new vehicles from the cousins ​​from Gothenburg are seen comparatively often.

Saab 900 II in Tokyo
Saab 900 II in Tokyo

Volvo has a very good image in Japan, the new V60 is often seen in the street, while our small cult brand disappears from the public more and more. But Saab fans who keep the brand alive in Japan are at least as positively infected as we are in Europe. Saab number one, an 900 II, was spotted by Uli at a busy Tokyo train station. The owner was standing next to his vehicle, so he was approached by Uli. The communication in English was initially very bad, as had to help another means. The magic remedy: a Saab jacket!

Coincidental - really coincidence Uli? - he wore his "Saab Performance Drive" jacket, which Uli hopefully presented to the Japanese fan. Lo and behold, he says, a smile enchanted the face of the Japanese Saab fan ... and the ice was broken. The English also became easier to understand, and to say goodbye there was the address and telephone number of a Japanese Saab parts dealer. A few minutes later, a Saab 9-5 drove past the station, then a current 9-3. However, it is "turbo-fast" and too fast for the camera.

During the two-week stay in Japan, no Saabs came more to the camera. Until the last evening. Then again stood an 9-5 sedan on the roadside. Out of the car, the camera drawn, photo taken. The owner, he did not speak English this time, was also made a friend with the help of the Saab jacket. The result, as at the first Saab photo at the station: a smile on his face.

The photo story from Japan, like everything related to the brand, is of course a bit crazy. A "Saab Performance Drive" jacket helps to communicate, the Saab community is small and international. Beautiful !

That was the last part of the Saab pictures of Uli for the time being. We do not know where 2014 will take him. But the camera is always there. Arigato Uli-san!


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    I think the photo yield is amazingly good. On some days in Germany, you can not find a SAAB any more and they have almost completely disappeared from the motorway.
    As you can see on the chic 900-II, the Japanese fans drive their cars for a long time and apparently also get parts.
    These are interesting reports from Uli and show how stubbornly the small SAAB community is (still) worldwide.

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    SAAB driving always has the special feeling

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    Very well written. And we are all crazy.
    So, my "Saab Performance Jacket" is fresh out of the wash. Thick sweater underneath and among the people ... where I get even more attention with Tom's orange retro jacket.
    Let people think what they want. It keeps you warm and in the evening when walking with our black Labrador, it also offers a lot of security, like a "SAAB" to throw on, or something. Greetings from the Hochsauerland

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