SAAB EV comes in 2. Quarter 2014

The first electric car from Saab is in the starting blocks; the test fleet is in the 2. Quarter 2014 will be delivered to China. This was announced yesterday by NEVS CEO Mattias Bergman the press in Sweden.

Step 2: Saloon, station wagon and EV from Saab. © 2014
Step 2: Saloon, station wagon and EV from Saab. © 2014

The preparations for production in the press shop have been completed, because the EV will differ in design from the known prototypes. However, one should "expect no revolution, more an evolution," said Bergman to the press. In plain language: the visual changes will be limited.

What interests us a little more than the electric car, for example, would be the 9-3 station wagon. According to the announcement in December 2013, it should appear at the same time as the EV, and the 9-3 Aero sedan should receive the “update” at the same time.

If the announcement is still valid, then the curtain will rise on the mysterious engine issue in the second quarter. All that can be heard from Trollhättan is a loud silence, and everyone involved is holding on. And this despite the fact that intensive work is being carried out on manuals and technical documentation. No comparison to the time of Victor Muller, when every decision, no matter how small, was passed on to the press unfiltered. But better this way - the remaining weeks until April or May we will also be patient with our patience ...

For NEVS, the puppy protection ends, life gets rough, and for the future some things will depend on the debut of the revised models. Will we, the customers, accept the new “old” vehicles, what do the dealers say? Will you stick to the interesting pricing, as indicated on the Swedish market, and will you be able to offer market-oriented leasing rates?

And how will you organize sales? The Internet is just a building block, which you will also know in Trollhättan. The signs are growing that in the course of the year one will also go to European markets outside of Sweden. In the Netherlands, where the dealer and importer structure is still in order, the notes on the topic of Saab are piling up in the press. An accident? Probably not. And Germany? So far only silence - but the year is still young.



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  • Good news from Trollhattan! Thanks to NEVS! THANKS to Tom for the fast processing! And that is the sport combination with the party, but it's CLASS! With adjusted prices for an experienced model, SAAB (s) will get a chance!
    Good weekend!

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    NEVS is slowly gaining momentum, at least when it comes to press work. At first I was a bit surprised that there was nothing in the press report about the gasoline engines - but of course, the “old ones” still have to be sold and it would be very counterproductive to distribute press releases about the successor now, because one would rather concentrate completely on the E-Saab. We'll probably only find out about the new turbos when the 1000 series is sold.

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    hm, I always thought I had got it wrong ... but I probably got it right ... and the update is “only” intended for the Sedan and EV Sedan. Station wagon and convertible stay in Griffin style? A pity…

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      Well, not quite right. Sedan and EV get an “update”, the station wagon comes with the update and not even in Griffin style. And we have to wait for the Cario ...

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        Ah cool! So wait!

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