SAAB Quingdao plant recruits employees

Maybe we have to get used to the fact that Saab history is no longer written only in Sweden, but also in China. The first Saab assembly plant in Asia is currently being built in the Qingdao Economic Development Zone.

Qingdao Economic Development Zone
Qingdao Economic Development Zone

The company is a joint venture of the metropolis Quingdao with Saab producer NEVS. Qingdao Phoenix New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2013; the share capital is the equivalent of just under 25 million €. In April, stage 1 of the new factory will be completed and assembly of the first electric Saab will begin. The bodywork comes from the factory in Trollhättan, the batteries from the Beijing National Battery Technology Co. Ltd., another company from the group of NEVS founder Kai Johan Jiang.

The new plant is located in Huangdao, a city district with more than 1.3 million inhabitants, which is part of Quingdao as an administrative area. More than 300.000 people work in the economic zone itself. At the moment the recruitment phase is running, Qingdao Phoenix New Energy Vehicle Co. Ltd is looking for a “larger number” of employees for assembly via the agency

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Phase 2 of the expansion is to be completed in the year 2015, in total provides the 120 million euro comprehensive investment plan 4 expansion stages. Finally, the plant in Quindao is to receive not only a production but also a research and development department as well as a distribution center.

On the website, the first purely electric Saab is a product of “excellent handling, shape and vehicle safety”Described. The range should be more than 220 kilometers. Which is a bit of an understatement, because meanwhile values ​​come from official sources that promise a few kilometers more. In the future, writes, the Qingdao Phoenix New Energy Vehicle Co. Ltd. expand the product range with further high performance products and thus shape the future of China's “New Energy” automotive industry.

No matter what you think about the electric car, whether you see the future in it or not, NEVS puts a lot of pressure on it. In April we will see two more milestones in the development of Saab. The first plant in Asia and the first electric car. Kai Johan Jiang writes a whole new chapter in the history of the traditional brand from Västragötland.


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    Europe is no longer the number 1 for SAAB. If you want to make a difference, then the market shifts, where sales and growth wave (eg China). For us, quite different brands are already shaking the LIMIT and they had higher sales figures. Some are already off with similar low sales (Daihatsu / Lancia dies / Alfa Romeo almost at the end). Nobody had a production stop !!
    I want to drive SAAB here and not in China. The time is approaching where I will now look for an alternative at 5 SAAB for at least 2 cars. Only middle class will not be enough, SUV u. You also need a compact class to accommodate changing customer requirements. But hope dies last.

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    I would be interested in where the EVs are finally assembled for the European market? In China would be silly. Or is Europe sales technically no longer up for discussion.

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      At least in Sweden you should be able to order the EV in late autumn or early next year. More is not known ...

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    "Final ... get a research and development department and a distribution center"
    With such reports I always have "stomach ache".

    But thanks anyway, for the message.

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      Can understand your stomach ache .... if the roots of a brand are cut, the brand dies!
      But something NEW is also created. This is how NEVS could also be interpreted .... We will be allowed to critically accompany SAAB. At the moment I see the development rather positively! Jobs are also being created in Trollhättan !!!!

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    Good to read. Of course I would NEVS NEWS still prefer to tell how it goes on here with us

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    How more specific and interesting !!

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