SAAB of Sweden Mugs

In the early Saab years you could always read a “Saab of Sweden” on the brochures from Trollhättan. It was the time when you were proud of your Swedish origins, and another manufacturer advertised with “certainty from Swedish steel”.

SAAB of Sweden Mugs
SAAB of Sweden Mugs

It was all a long time ago, and over time Saab began to talk less and less about the Scandinavian roots. Until then, a few years ago, there was a rethink. Michael Maurer's studies, which never went into series production, found glass center consoles that looked like frozen sculptures. The taillights on the Saab 9-3 sports suit were designed in “frosted optics” with LED lights.

Maurer switched to Porsche and Simon Padian took over. The headlights on the Saab 9-5 NG, 9-4x and 9-3 Griffin were now “ice blue”, the LED taillights on the large sedan and on the SUV as well. A reference to the icy, rough nature in Scandinavia, and probably much more typical Swedish from Trollhättan would have followed in the following years.

To clarify the origin of Saab, we have revived the old slogan and designed coffee cups with the Sweden flag. The cups can be ordered in our fan shop.

The other Swedish brand has also rediscovered its roots. In the US, very Swedish advertising messages are running, and German newspaper advertisements advertise, with the national colors, for a Swedish ticket that the customer can redeem. Behind it hides a test drive at the friendly dealer.



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  • She looks very beautiful! Please bring a small assortment on May 25.5.2014th, XNUMX and you will make some Saab fans happy! 🙂

  • If you search Google for 9-4x Concept, Aero x or 9x then you will find the most different design interpretations on this topic.

  • Very. beautifully written Tom. I think you just have to own a cup in the Swedish national colors. So far I had only seen them in black and white in the chop.

  • Hi Tom,
    are there any pictures of the center console somewhere?

    Best regards

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