SAAB 9-3 EV in Aftonbladet

The NEVS press department currently seems to have a busy schedule. In Sweden and the Netherlands, articles about Saab keep appearing, and a few days ago the Aftonbaldet visited the factory in Trollhättan.

The Aftonbladet on the SAAB EV
The Aftonbladet on the SAAB EV

The Aftonbladet is an important medium and roughly comparable to the Bild newspaper, at least as far as the circulation and distribution in Sweden is concerned. In the past there were also articles with a slightly negative undertone. But in the current case, a positive mood dominates. NEVS Head of Communications Göran Fredriksson had some details to tell that we did not know before. Here's an overview:

SAAB EV range

A BMW i3 comes up to 160 kilometers with a battery charge, a Nissan Leaf up to 199 kilometers away. Abandoned are Renault Zoe and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV at an official radius of action of 150 kilometers. The top dog is the Tesla S with gigantic 502 kilometers range.

And the Saab 9-3 EV? The Aftonbladet is talking about 280 kilometers, which would be a very good value. The Saab would, if the statement is true, thus still clearly behind the Tesla, but clearly ahead of the competition from Bavaria.

SAAB EV Availability and Price

"We focus on China and Sweden, then the rest of the world”Said Göran Fredriksson in the Aftonbladet. In a nutshell, sales in China will start at the beginning of spring, followed by Sweden in late autumn or the beginning of next year. The price, about which there is of course no reliable statement, should be very competitive.

Number of employees at Saab

In January, I wrote that NEVS could reach the mark of 700 employees by the end of February. The interview and the visit to the Saab plant probably took place in January, and already at that point the number had been exceeded. Fixed employees are 571, external consultants 130. That would be exactly 701, with an upward trend. A positive message! In the stablebacka you grow faster than expected.

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Produced vehicles and orders

Modest is still the number of vehicles produced. The Aftonbladet talks about 3 (previously 2) new Saabs per day. We can assume that this number will increase from week to week. At the moment one sells several cars per week over the internet, the delivery begins in April.

The number of vehicles sold will increase noticeably from April, as more and more dealers in Sweden are ready for distribution. If the showrooms are filled with new vehicles, then the Saab Revival could really take off. First attractive financing offers with 1.95% APR are already being advertised.

For Sweden, and the Aftonbaldet notes, the Saab story is something of a glimmer of hope. Volvo truck cuts more than 4.000 jobs. Saab is hiring people, of course at a much lower level. Sweden urgently wants to return more industrial jobs that have been lost in recent years. Times are changing ! Three years ago, the loss of Saab in the home country didn't matter. The economy was in full swing, the government dreamed of a Swedes "of the heads". Industrial work was seen as a discontinued model, service and the financial sector as the future.

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Saab could become something of a role model. A brand that is just reinventing itself and has the ambition to be among the best in its segment. In Västragötland a whole new story is emerging, which is now gaining momentum. The times are exciting and full of surprises!

Okay, whoever has enough of battery-powered cars will get their money's worth over the next few days. Then it's about the 9-5 NG and a hatchback that never saw the light of day.




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    Important for e-vehicles is the DC quick charge. As you know, there are two standards: CCS and Chademo (Tesla still has a third, but only Tesla needs it).
    What standard will Saab support? Is there any information? Thank you.

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    It's great when NEVS hits the nail on the head with its products in China. Certainly there is also a market for electric vehicles in Europe, which is not all that big due to the known problems of electric vehicles. But what makes the brand Saab increasingly unattractive for me. Because the vehicles with internal combustion engine NEVS wants to produce as long as they are wanted by the buyers, but how long does a possible buyer want a Saab with internal combustion engine if that is treated by NEVS so filthy (1 engine / no diesel) and just like everything NEVS is tailored to Chinese needs only if there are many more alternatives and choices available from other manufacturers that are better tailored to their needs in Europe.

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      NEVS is currently doing what was announced for a long time and is entering the Chinese market. What will come for us and when will be told (hopefully) in April or May with the presentation of the station wagon and (hopefully) the upgrade. Based on what has been heard from THN, I assume that it will not just be one engine. Of course we would all like a little more attention in relation to Saab, but it seems that old Europe is no longer that attractive ...

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    That's exactly what my plan is. For my daily needs / range of action already enough today's eCar and for everything else will fall back on the small collection. Yesterday I did a professional 450Km tour with one of my 9000ers again and again, a pleasure.
    An EV 9-3 might make sense for the congested cities of China under the smog bell, but I can't really judge that. I was last there a good 30 years ago when the Chinese were still riding bicycles ... For the population of billions in Asia, a different solution must be found than dinosaurs with combustion engines.
    By contrast, the small European market with its old pigtails is becoming increasingly insignificant.

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    Thanks for the update Tom. This is really a great blog that I love to visit again and again. Congratulations & thanks!

    As much as the growing activity of NEVS / Saab pleases me and I wish them all the best and much success, I do not understand who should buy the EV 9-3. As a pure Stadwagen it is too big and too heavy (here BMW has done the homework better) and as the only vehicle it simply lacks reach. So I'll probably buy a light and new eCar (eg Mira) for the city and keep my Saabs for fine exits and holidays.

    So I really hope that the EV 9-3 will have so much success in China that the NEVS will again develop “real” Saab for Europe (i.e. a petrol turbo successor) AND an eCar that was perfectly designed for the city (small, easy to maneuver) .

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for NEVS and in the meantime I'm enjoying Saab's turbos.

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    Heja SAABan friskt humör, det är det susen gör

    Gaeller ackso for the bra sidan här, Tom!

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    It turns out that work was carried out behind the closed NEVS doors! Quiet and z. News is currently being passed on continuously. With these little information steps, NOTHING can be completely panned out! SAAB certainly also has envious / competitors ... So the tension remains high and the envious are left behind.
    It's good news from Trollhattan! THANK YOU, Tom!

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    Go then! The range would be a good start anyway!

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