SAAB 9-5 NG sports combination deer performance conversion

The Saab 9-5 NG sports trolleys that never went into series production are rare vehicles. For brand fans, they introduce something like the blue Mauritius among the Saabs. In the wintry Kiel was a few days ago an even more exclusive vehicle.

Saab 9-5 NG Biopower Hirsch remodeling
Saab 9-5 NG Biopower Hirsch remodeling

A Saab 9-5 NG Sport Combi BioPower with Hirsch performance enhancement and Hirsch Body Kit conversion and therefore most likely the only vehicle of its kind. The vehicle with the VIN YS3GR5AR5C4000046 is Swiss owned and some Saab riders know it from our last year's tour to the Saab Festival to Trollhattan.

In the meantime, it has been lowered and got the deer body kit, as a post production in cooperation with the Saab center Kiel Last time the previous Saab factory tuner was launched. The 9-5 gets a completely new appearance and since beauty is always in the eye of the beholder I'm unsure if he likes it or not. But about taste and everything related to it, you can certainly philosophize forever.

In any case, the Saab is now even sportier, more dynamic and somehow more aggressive. And a solitaire of unappreciable value. A unique piece that pleases its owner. That's what matters. Operation succeeded, I would say.


Images: Saab Service Lafrentz

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  • Hi D

    Yeah, then you've never really sat in 95 SC .. because the space offered by SAAB engineers has improved a lot compared to the Insignia. This was also the testimony of the TÜV examiner who drives Insigna himself. The processing in the SAAB is a lot higher .. the seats better, etc. It is a sports car and the Audi A6 has a lot less space. The seat comfort at the rear is ingenious compared to other vehicles!

    Opel for .opel

    You can argue anyway ... who has delivered innovations to whom.

    It's a shame that the chapter is over ...

  • Wars are like tears in my eye when I think that the dream car could also stand with me in the yard. Really a very nice car !!!!

  • Nice that there is a Saab so dedicated operation.

    Otherwise, I can not understand the enthusiasm. If such a dick ship, then so little interior offers. But the tailgate has the depth of a vault door, for what? A typical combination for golf luggage. Since I prefer the insignia of the outer format, where he also suffers from the poor space economy.

    When I took a closer look at the Opel and the Saab, I was shocked by the many identical parts in the interior. Disguises handles, buttons and the Opellenkrad, but then want to offer in the upper class, fortunately the chapter is over.

    The charm lies only in the rarity.

    • I think there are many readers here who would be happy today to buy a brand new 9-5 with the damn common parts, instead of having to go looking for a used one or changing the brand. Without equal parts, the small numbers would not have been feasible, so what's that?

      • Hello x900. At d to speak only the bare envy. We Saab pilots and those who know a Saab know very well that this car brand is superior to some others. lg

  • just perfect!

  • Beautiful! Uniquely beautiful. Unfortunately only ...

    Lafrentz would have liked to have taken a little more trouble with the photos and removed yesterday's snow from the SC ...

    Anyway, of course, many thanks for the shared with us impression of this shapely car. What a true beauty!

    Shame on you GM! Shame on you! Shame²! ! !

    • GM = Very bad

  • From my point of view, every insignia driver would lick his fingers for this sweetheart. If the boy had gone into production, many an Opel driver would have salted the soup

    This car is already the original Kracher!

  • A real dream car. Unfortunately, nobody can become reality. The owner should take good care of him and treat him like a raw egg.

  • Too bad he never came to the market. Some customers were ready!

  • Yummy yummy ...
    That's what he has to look like !!

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